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Yard Work, Anyone? We're Lovin' It!

As I mentioned previously HERE, we've been working in our yard, now that the festival is over and we have some free time (finally).

In previous years, we've often been able to put in some flowers prior to the actual festival. For example, in 2006 we planted on May 3! I can't tell when we did that last year, as apparently I never blogged it. It may have been late, what with the Centennial, which made it a very busy year... (Actually, we never did finish our flowers in 2007 -- and we barely used the deck at all, sadly. This year will be very different, believe me!)

The end of June is really late, but we've been late before. So whatever! Better late than not at all!

Birdbaths & Fountains - signLast year the pump to our fountain bit the dust -- and we never quite managed to get it repaired. (A year with no fountain -- very sad!) So it's been a priority to us this year. We drove St. Helens Road (US 30) to Rainier, Oregon. There's a place there simply known as 'Birdbaths & Fountains' that carries tons of lawn and garden stuff, so we were hoping they'd have a pump. Plus, we've gotten rocks there before and wanted to get more. (Actually, they seem to have two names. The one I mentioned above, or just 'Birdbaths' -- if you go by their business card... smile...)

Birdbaths - samplesThey carry a lot of nice things there. We've gotten many things from them over the years, actually. So we discussed a pump (they were out -- but will be getting them in), bought some rocks ('medium' -- they don't carry the slightly larger size anymore, I'm afraid) and got a birdbath that has roses on it! (I won't have a photo until we set it up. Right now it's in two pieces, waiting until after our barkdust delivery...)

Bears on deck - BearmanHere's the promised photo of our two bears that sit on our the edge of our deck! The black bear we bought last year -- and the red bear is new! Aren't they cool? They're made by The Bear Man. (His business card reads: 'The Bear Man & Sons CUSTOM WOOD CARVINGS' and includes a phone number and sketch of a bear. He shows up in parking lots -- and if you're lucky you can actually watch him using a chain saw to create a bear!)

Clean chairs 1While Marilyn mistressmarilyn cleaned off lawn furniture in yard (better her than me, mind you), I dug into the ground near the front of the deck with a shovel. This spot used to have strawberry plants (from elderly neighbor Dorothea, long dead now) and a cactus from neighbor Jim (that didn't do well) -- as well as a volunteer fern and many rocks.

Clean chairs 2
Sharp eyes will note the top of our new rose birdbath lying in front of the chairs.

Box of rocks
We used two HP boxes to get our rocks. They're really sturdy and worked great!

Rocks by deck - 1I transplanted the fern, so it needed something. Marilyn suggested rocks, and it turned out looking great, I think!

Rocks by deck - 2
This is a slightly closer view of the rocks.

I'm waiting for Hector and his guys to deliver our bark dust. Marilyn woke me at 6:30, so that I was up and outside doing the things I needed to before 7 a.m. Hector's wife Sandy had told me he'd be here 'first thing in the morning.' To me, that sounded like 8:00 or 8:30 -- right? Well, as you can tell by the time on this entry, 10:30 isn't exactly what I had in mind... (sigh)

Tarps on deck
The tarps that cover the surface of our deck and our lawn furniture are still lying on the deck.
They need to be swept and folded and stored away until autumn.

Flower box 1
Here's one of our two flower boxes next to the deck, filled (by Marilyn) with Impatiens.

Flower box 2
Here's box two, also full of Impatiens. These will be very impressive in a few weeks!

This pile of leaves was under our table.

I had to sweep these leaves myself, so I haven't been too happy about it. I've kept them to show to Hector when he comes today. Normally the guys always take care of this for us!

Flowers by fountain
Here's more of our flowers, in pots near the fountain.

Flowers under lilac
Here's our plants under the lilacs.

We plan to get a few more 'shade plants' to put in pots under the lilac for some added color. But the Hosta and ferns look lovely -- don't they?

Well, I'll share more after the bark dust is delivered and spread -- and when we put the tarps away and have finished scrubbing the deck (which still needs doing). And have the furniture back where it belongs. And maybe the last of the flowers planted! And with the fountain running (hope that pump is in soon). And more rocks spread around. (grin)

The goal is to have the yard all done and ready by vacation week, which is next week. (We always take off the week of the Fourth of July.)

We're hoping to enjoy it ourselves -- but also share it with friends, too. (smile)

This year we're going to spend time in our yard! We might not have managed it last year, but this year we will!
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