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Attended Bridge Dedication Today!

I'll share more on this tomorrow (hopefully).

Anyway, it was very exciting to be there for the official bridge dedication. I'm glad we did it.

We also got a new rose-design birdbath for our back yard, and some small (medium small) rocks, too. We'd wanted some even larger 'small' rocks, but the place we went doesn't carry them anymore. (That's where we bought a bunch years back.)

They didn't have the pump for our fountain in stock, but are expecting it very soon -- maybe even tomorrow. The pump went out last year, but we never got around to replacing it.

It rained lightly this morning. It was sprinkling when I went out to water the plants this morning. But it was a beautiful day! It got warmer as the day passed -- and the clouds finally vanished late in the day.

We got our manicures yesterday, by the way. (Saturday, June 21.) I got a full set, while Marilyn mistressmarilyn had a fill. I also got a pedicure (my usual gold). So we're good to go for several weeks! (About time. It had been ages...)

I re-read "The Cardinal Sins" recently. Yes, I'm a huge Andrew M. Greeley fan. It took me a couple of days to work my way through the book. He's an amazing writer, in my opinion. So I'm now reading one of his books that I'd never read before, "All About Women." It's a collection of short stories that focus on women, and so far is another good read...

More tomorrow. I need to go to bed now, I think...

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