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Tom, Wonderful Tom

So, while I was 'taking it easy' today, I got a call from Tom. He came over and fixed the light switch that's been giving us fits in the kitchen. It didn't even take him five minutes to do that, I swear! (And he never even needed to turn off the power...) He just oozes big-strong-hunk-of-man when he's around. Seriously.

God, he's wonderful to help out here. I have to say that I love it when he drops by and does handyman stuff around the house. (Stress on the man... smile...)

So, he took a look at our Curly Willow tree (in the back yard) and said it needs to come down, which isn't a big surprise. But Marilyn mistressmarilyn was upset to hear that. She said it wasn't coming down this summer, anyway. We do love that tree, I must admit. Tom said he could do it, which was good to hear. I can't imagine trying to find someone -- or all the trouble and expense that would be.

Tom also looked at the drywall work we need done downstairs. He's good at stuff like that (probably better than just good, mind you), so I'm sure he'll make short work of it for us. What a guy!

And he was sweet as hell to me and told me not to move anything heavy in the future, he'd do it for me. Tom was clearly worried about me. At one point he leaned down and kissed me on the top of my head.

Isn't that all so nice?

Actually, all my friends (and family) have been very nice to me.

While I wasn't seeking attention from my situation yesterday, I do appreciate all the interest, plus the kind thoughts and words. (For the record, I think that's a lousy way to get attention -- using illness and/or pain. And, frankly, I happen to know way too many people who do exactly that. And I seriously do NOT plan to become one of them.)

In Other News . . .

Hector didn't end up making it out here today. He was running late -- and I cut him some serious slack on that. But I want to be here when they bring the load of barkdust, so we're trying for next Tuesday. I want to make sure it goes down where I want it... I also need to show him the front yard hose that the guys ruined by hitting it with the lawn mower. And the huge pile of leaves and blossoms I found just under the picnic table out back -- which the guys normally take care of for us. (sigh)

I saw June briefly last night. Well, I stayed around an hour, which is the most I've talked to her in ages! She was very excited about our festival movie, so we discussed that at length. I'm so pleased she liked it! She ended up buying two copies of it, too. We're going to try and watch the movie together really soon, so I can share info on it (especially about all the family photos that were used in it).

Shari isn't available Monday to go to the show. I don't know if she has a doctor's appointment, or what, but it's not happening, I guess. That's the second time we've tried to set up celebrating with her -- the last time was an invite to drive down to the beach with us. In both cases she turned around and tried to invite herself over to our house, instead. What gives with that? I don't mind having people over, but I kind of like it to be me inviting them... I guess I shouldn't let that bother me. Usually I'm very easy-going about it and love having people come over. But I'm a tiny bit annoyed with Shari right now, I guess. She's the one who has a very open schedule and doesn't need to answer to others -- and we're the ones who have really busy schedules. So why do we have to try over and over to set things up according to her schedule? Maybe we should just skip the whole thing. She doesn't begin to understand what it's like to work ten hour (+) days, so... (It doesn't help that she didn't say anything when I told her why I wasn't able to phone her during the day yesterday. This is supposedly one of my best friends. Right.)

Martha phoned earlier, but then I got a call from work and had to tell her I'd call back. With Tom here and so on, I still haven't phoned her back. Marilyn and I are going to tan soon, so I'm not sure I'll have a chance today. (I wonder what she wanted? I think she needed help, because we had been talking computers, as we often do. Martha doesn't often phone just to talk...)

Brian the furnace guy is on vacation next week. He was scheduled to come by yesterday, before I ended up in the hospital and had to cancel on him. I need to figure out when to have him over, as the week after next is our vaca!

We're anxious to finish up the yard, which means planting more flowers, washing down the deck, cleaning up our lawn furniture and several other tasks. We want things nice by the first week in July, so we hope to get some stuff done this weekend.

Marilyn's dying to play tennis, but that foot still isn't 100%. It's been two weeks ago today that she hurt it... (sigh) I know it's driving her crazy, but she needs to give it more time to heal.

Work-wise, I need to do some website stuff -- and have been doing IT-related work constantly, it seems. I did a couple of things today, as a matter of fact.

Weather-wise, this has been a very hot day. Well, hot enough, considering we've had such cool weather this spring. It's currently 82° outside -- and according to the termostat, 80° in the house! Anyway, the upstairs is pretty hot, but it's lovely downstairs, thankfully. Mind you, I'm really not complaining! I'm glad to see sunny weather at long last.

Today is the first day of summer! Sunrise this morning was 5:22 a.m. and sunset will be 9:03 p.m. -- the longest day of the year!

We have stuff to do this weekend. Too much stuff, really. (sigh) But that's how it goes! More on that soon...

Now it's time for a nap. I'm tired! (And Marilyn is already asleep.)
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