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Emergency Room

I woke up at 6 a.m. with chest pains. I went back to bed and woke later and still had them.

I tried to get in to see my regular doctor, but he's off Thursdays and they couldn't fit me in with the two available doctors. So they sent me to the ER of our local hospital. Sister Sue drove me and was with me all morning long.

Anyway, I was there until just past 3 p.m.

I've never had a Cat Scan before, but I had one today. It had been years since I'd had an EKG, too. They gave me nitroglycerin and I got a terrible headache. Just awful.

I could go on an on about the various pains and discomforts, but I'll spare us all and just say they did what they had to and I endured it. (sigh)

Dr. Jones (very handsome guy, by the way) wanted to keep me overnight, but I basically refused. Marilyn mistressmarilyn came from work as soon as she could get away. Sue had plans for the afternoon with her friend Nancy, so she left. Marilyn stayed with me every minute (that she could), until my release. My last blood test appeared better, so he didn't even fight me on leaving, I'm glad to say.

I am so grateful and happy to be home!

I'm somewhat high risk due to my family history and being over-weight. But I've never had any heart-related issues. In the past all my chest pains were actually gastrointestinal. Maybe the same was true today, too.

I'll need to follow up with a trip to see my own doctor, just to be safe. And Dr. Jones wants me to take an aspirin every day now, too.

Marilyn is the one who has a life-long heart condition. And sister Sue has had heart failure. Dad had a heart attack when he was 71. Mom also had heart failure (probably from her diabetes). I guess Grandma May (my paternal grandmother) died from a heart attack...

Anyway, I didn't sleep well last night, so I'm ready for a nap after all this.

Did I say it's good to be home? I'm so glad I'm here in my own house! The entire time I was in that room in the ER I felt like I was in a cage. (ugh)

We had a bite to eat -- and I took pills for my headache. I'm starting to finally feel better. More about all this soon, I guess. Or not!

Yes, I was influenced by the recent death of Tim Russert, who had a heart attack (at age 58). Otherwise I might have just stayed home and ignored the chest pains.

I'm not relating this to worry anyone, by the way -- or to seek sympathy. I just wanted to make a record for myself (I like to keep health-related notes here, as most of you probably know). I did do too much while cleaning yesterday (moving lots of heavy furniture and working all day), and probably did too much when I was working in the yard this week, too.

We just have so much work around the house to catch up on -- things that haven't been done for months and months! With the festival over, I feel anxious to get going on these things.

But I think I'll take it all slower in the future...

It's all good! I'm home, I'm home! I'm happy. (smile)

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