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Busy Three-Day Weekend!

There are so many things we both need and want to do, that I'm bound to miss listing them all...

We did do the grocery shopping we've really needed to do!

Plus we got the car washed and in for an oil change, which it really needed. And we made a special trip to the Wal-Mart over in Washington state so we could get Marilyn's mistressmarilyn Equate Suphedrine (nasal decongestant). We were out, as you can't buy it here in Oregon -- as stupid as that is. (I won't get on that rant right now, because it would take hours to do it justice!)

We bought a new carved bear from the Bear Man -- which is now sitting on our deck next to the first carved bear we got from him. They're very cool! I need to take a photo and share. He sells his wares out in Parkrose, from a parking lot on the side of the street.

We also bought $90 worth of flowers, which Marilyn started to plant this morning (while I was still asleep, actually). I did finally get up and go help in the yard, though I wasn't actually planting anything. (There's plenty of other work to do, too.)

I was wearing an old pair of gloves and my hands were covered with dirt and bark dust slivers when I took them off. My skin was already turning an angry red and beginning to sting and hurt.

So I had to google it, of course!

All my life I've had issues with even the smallest bark dust sliver, and I used to complain about it a lot to parents, who both thought I was just whining. Now I've discovered that many people have issues with bark dust, which even keeps some people from being able to pursue a given career, such as woodworking or instrument making!

What we most commonly use here in Oregon is probably Douglas fir.

Here's a quick review of Wood Health Hazards!

Woods are either an irritant (which cause a reaction fairly rapidly after exposure and will cause a similar reaction repeatedly), or sensitizers (which may have a latency period of hours or months and may require repeated handling before reaction occurs).

Sensitizer's are the more severe, because once you're sensitized, you're sensitized for life and the reactions only get more dramatic.

Reaction Category:
• Eye and skin irritation (hives, itching, redness).
Respiratory problems.
• Nausea, headache, or general malaise, possibly even liver or kidney malfunction.
• Cancer of nose and sinus.

Small, great, extreme. This is the potential of the wood or sawdust doing harm and would vary with the individual.

Dust or wood, or both.

Unknown, rare, or common. (This is probably the vaguest of the categories as most doctors wouldn't know an allergic reaction to wood if it bit them in the face.)

"Often it is the most attractive, vividly-coloured and fragrant timbers that cause problems. But it is not only exotic, tropical species that are a concern. Some commonly known local species are known to be troublesome such as Western red cedar and Douglas fir. Research is far from conclusive and in constant advancement."

It's hard to believe, but I've lost the link to where I found all this... Sorry! Regardless, you can google it and find several other references like those above.

Anyway, it explains a lot for me. I can go for ages with a reaction to even one or two slivers, which means I'm more sensitive than others, I guess. And it also means my lifelong whining (especially as a child and teen) to my parents actually had merit. Too bad they aren't around so I can tell them. (grin) Actually, it's just as well... (smile)

Well, this issue of slivers aside (heh), getting yard work done is a very good thing. Very good!
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