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Friday Off? You Bet!

Summer is right around the corner. Somebody tell the weather! Actually, though it was cloudy and chilly this morning, the sun is out and it's warming up. I think it might be preparing to give us a nice three-day weekend (which we all certainly deserve!).

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I are thinking about driving to the beach one day. (Day trip -- we love 'em!) We're even thinking about taking our friend Shari along. We could finally celebrate her 50th birthday, which was back in December! (She still has bday gifts for both of us, too. My bday was the first part of December -- and Marilyn's was the first part of April. So...)

Speaking of birthday's I need to take care of, I still haven't wrapped the gifts and packed the box to send to Sandy in Massachusetts. Her birthday falls on the same day as our (deceased) mother, May 22. She's cool with me being late -- but I don't want to be too much later than this!

I finally took my nails down -- which they very much needed! One day last week I suddenly noticed that I was having trouble typing, because they were so long. So did I rush to file them down? No. But interestingly enough (as I was saying to Marilyn today), by the next day I was typing just fine. It was like I got used to it right away and they didn't bother me anymore.

But I wanted to work outside (and maybe clean inside) today -- so I didn't want to risk having my nails so long that I'd break one (heaven forbid!). They still look really nice, so I'd say I can go another week (or maybe even longer) before I need to do them again. The pedicure is another story, as I notice my toes are sore from the long nails! But I hate to cut them myself, as I always screw them up when I do...

Tom (generous man) got us new Starbucks cards this week -- which I totally forgot to take along this morning! We generally transfer the amount on to our cards that we made, rather than use the card he gives us. He also brought more chips for work, which will be popular, you can believe. I gave him a number of festival-related gifts -- along with one of Dad's harmonicas. He also brought his high school letterman's jacket over for Marilyn to have. How interesting to see it all these years later! (We have Dad's letter from Roosevelt high school hanging on the wall just outside the office, by the way.)

Jenny went in and got her root canal, poor thing! I need to get to the dentist with this broken tooth, but don't seem to be in a rush... Jessica (finally!!!) got her tooth taken care off, too -- so I guess it's dental time! (heh)

We tried to get a new swing for the deck today, but they didn't have what we wanted. (sigh) I guess we'll live with the old one for another year.

Marilyn just dashed home from work. She took her DVR of the parade and taped the OMT band segment. Then I took the tape and turned it into a DVD. Carol needed it to mail to Pasadena. As Marilyn was leaving she said, "What would we do without us?" I repeated it and we both laughed. But, hey, it's no joke -- is it?

Well, I should get some more work done. I'm getting website changes to make as I type this...

The website stuff just never ends! (grin)

Speaking of things that never end (smile), I did another Newsletter that went out yesterday. This will hopefully be the last weekly one until next year. Frankly, it's expensive, so we can't afford to do more than one or two a month. But the one yesterday turned out very lovely, I think. It's such an interesting form of coding -- quite different from the website, really. I love doing it, but it takes hours and hours. So I'm glad that's done for awhile!

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