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Poor Marilyn -- She Hurt Her Foot

What surprises me is that I constantly seem to forget to blog about various things going on in my life whenever I'm really busy (the way we have been in recent weeks). I'll think I've done it, then go to check and just be stunned by what I haven't written.

I guess it's because I think "I need to blog that" and even think what I want to say, so somewhere in my head I become convinced that it's done! (smile)

Anyway, while walking the route late Friday night, Marilyn mistressmarilyn stumbled and turned her ankle, hurting her right foot. I was horrified at the time, considering the parade was the next day! Hell, I'd be horrified anyway, as I hate it when she gets injured or ill.

You have to know from the get-go that she's not at all clumsy -- that's me. I'm a total klutz and have been one my entire life. Marilyn and I think that's greatly due to me being left-handed, but whatever the reason, it's just a given. She's the opposite, frankly.

So that was enough of a shocker.

I was ready to call it quits then, but she says she'll 'walk it off.' We continue to walk for ages, which probably was the last thing we should do...

When we got home (around midnight), she put ice on it. Then we went to bed, as we had to be up really early.

She was limping on Saturday morning, of course. But what could we do? She had to go run things, after all!

We did our usual gig -- then afterwards I go inside the Command Post (which is where she is for the parade) to discover she has her shoe and sock off and her foot elevated. She's in tremendous pain and tells me she didn't dare let herself look at the foot until it was over.

(Okay, the parade isn't really 'over' at that point. It's done at the coliseum and for TV, but still on the streets -- which is why we have to remain there at the Command Post/RV, until it's off the streets. This happened by 1:27 p.m., by the way.)

Her poor foot!!!

I look at it and it's swollen and black and blue. I got her one of my Naproxen to take. She's having her first liquid of the day at that point, sipping from a can of cold diet soda. (We have to manage liquid intake, because there's no time for bathroom breaks during the run of the parade!)

Anyway, we decided to blow off the movie showing last night, even though we'd been going to attend with Tom. She's in pain and just wants to go home and put her foot up when we finally get away. And we had another festival gig we were looking forward to attending today, too -- but it was the same thing. She can barely limp around, so she's not up to driving or trying to walk much on that foot.

It's always a shame to miss the movie on the big screen -- which we both love. But she couldn't possibly have enjoyed it.

When we finally got home we snacked on Cheetos (thanks to Tom) and had more to drink. Then she napped on the sofa while I went to take care of the neighbor cats.

Yes, I was cat-sitting on Friday and Saturday.

I know, I know. How crazy is that? I barely have time to take care of my own cats on our two busiest days of the year, so I agree to look after the neighbor cats, too, while they're gone attending the graduation of June's grandson...

I ended up on the phone with Tom for over an hour while there with the cat. He said I was unable to say 'no' to anyone -- but I told him he was wrong. And shared a parade-morning story to prove it! Anyway, I stayed at June and Jim's for a couple of hours, then rushed home to check on Marilyn. I'd mentioned to Tom that she was chilled and I'd even had to turn on the furnace for her and he got worried she was in shock -- then so did I!

We did drive out later long enough to get Taco Bell, as we were pretty hungry by then.

And we went for a drive and to get Starbucks with sister Sue (Sue drove) today. I fixed some beans when we got home and we played some Zuma. Now I think we're ready for a nap.

I ended up sleeping in really late, which was lovely! Marilyn got up at 6:30 a.m. (6:00?) to watch the French Open finals, though. Rafa clobbered Roger. (I'd said that I knew Rafa would win, but this was close to murdering him! Seriously.) I'd have liked to see some of it, but I just couldn't rouse myself. Oh well.

My poor old cell phone was almost dead today. I forgot to plug it in last night, so it had no charge left. I need a new one really bad -- and so does Marilyn. That had better happen soon, as I use my cell for work all the time...

Well, I think I'll wander downstairs and see how Marilyn is doing. We were going to get a movie On Demand and watch it, if we can stay awake (which didn't happen the last time we tried).

Things should quiet down somewhat now. There's always stuff that needs doing right after the festival ends, but within weeks we should have some free time -- and much shorter days. I'm really looking forward to that!

Maybe I'll find clean up this disaster of a house!

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