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Bald IS Beautiful -- and HOT!

I had to use my 'Thanks' icon with this entry, because it's Andre looking hot as hell. Because as I've said before, bald is hot. (whew)

I had to post a quick entry about my dreams last night...

It started out with a very, very sexy, bald Bruce Willis. Or one of his characters. But Bruce-looking. Bald, beautiful, hot.

It turned into Andre at one point. And somebody else bald and sexy, not sure who.

Anyway, the kind of dream that stays with you. A good, good dream!

So Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I had to wax poetic on the subject of baldness again on the way to work today -- because we both agree is sooooooo damn hot. (smile)

I was telling her how I'd seen one of the Starbucks women with super, super short hair and got to telling her how hot it was. And the barista with her was a guy with hair that was also super short (not quite a shaved head, but close). It's so appealing.

I got a rush just talking about with Marilyn. It reminded me that she wanted me to make her some really good bald icons to use here at LJ. I still need to do that!

And I guess I need one that shows the hotness factor -- don't I?

I don't know that guys get it that much, really. Or more guys would drop the whole comb-over thing and just shave their heads! After all, it's all that testosterone that causes baldness. Mucho macho, in other words. (grin)

So, you wouldn't expect this sort of entry on the night before the parade, now would you? But it's been on my mind all day long, so I just had to share...

More soon, I hope! (smile)

Wish us luck as we face our big day -- and keep your fingers crossed for us that it doesn't pour too hard, will you? (No rain tomorrow would be perfect, guys... sigh...)

Tags: 2008, bald, festival, june-2008, marilyn, sexy, work

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