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The Website is Done. Finally.

It's almost 3 a.m. and Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have been sitting side-by-side in our home office at our respective computers, working on festival things.

I finished up the garbage and recycling a couple hours back, thankfully! Done for another week. (Harder to do this time of year, but whatever.)

She did her huge (and very cool) movie project. (She really should blog it, it's so good.)

I worked away at the festival website.

I actually added (yet another) new webpage, in order to give some necessary (race) event results. It turned out nicely, I think! Though I generally opt for dumping unnecessary pages (which we have like mad), I'm cool with adding what I feel belongs there. (Like the new Bands section and pages I added up recently.)

I did the JP results (the parade was today -- well, Wednesday) page, too.

And I (sigh) did the float list with sponsor links. Previously I just had the list up, sans links. I'd said I wouldn't get it done until next week at the earliest, so I'm proud I managed to do it!

So I honestly can't think of anything else I need to put up right now, aside from continuing to add News items (each item means coding four pages, but I seriously don't mind it). And the parade results after this coming Saturday, of course!

I have loads of ideas of how we can 'streamline' the whole process for the future, so we'll see what happens this summer...

I've learned so much during the time I've been the webmaster -- it's really amazing.

Regardless of any of my griping about the whole thing, I'm delighted to have been involved with this project.

Marilyn sent me a special email about the website today. It read:
May I just tell you that our website is AWESOME (a term I do not use loosely, as you know). I was just perusing the latest news stories on the home page, and I'm so pleased with the amount of accessible and up-to-date information we have available this year--more than ever before.

Considering we had 115,000 visitors come to the site LAST WEEK ALONE, this is very good news for us.


(keep it up)

That's pretty damn cool!

Of every person who visits that website, her opinion matters the most to me. So I'm thrilled that she would write something like that (and cc: a bunch of other people with it, too).

Okay, being honest, my own opinion about the website ranks first for me, I guess. (smile) But Marilyn's opinion is a damn close second place to that. (And, okay, if it's conceit, I can live with it. Seriously.)

So it's time for bed. Again I'm struck by what an amazing writer Marilyn is -- having had her read me that thing I mentioned earlier. Plus she's been doing TV (as usual), and is such an amazing public speaker. It's not often you find both skills in one person.

I'm very proud of her.

On that note, we should try to get some sleep, considering we've still got a few more big days in front of us! I want to get over to the Float Barn tomorrow and get some photos to use at the website (and maybe in future Newsletters). I'm amazed by how many of my own photos -- taken with my inexpensive (and now old) Canon PowerShot camera -- I've used for things that have been viewed around the world, by the way. Who knew? I basically carry it everywhere I go, just in case...
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