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God, I LOVE to Code!

Good thing, huh?

After doing that second Newsletter (loads and loads of coding), I've been working on the website the rest of the day (for the most part, anyway).

I have cleaned the cat boxes and started my garbage, too, though. (woo hoo)

But I still need to finish it up and do the recycling...

We actually have a tanning appointment tonight. We both feel it makes us feel better -- and not just look better. So that's a good thing.

Though I slept well last night, I'm already looking forward to my evening nap, I must admit. My brain is sore. (grin) Too much coding will do that to me, no matter how much I love doing it.

There's something so cool about having that Newsletter done a day early, I have to tell you! No rushing around tomorrow trying to finish it in time. What a shocker. I can't recall the last time that was true...

I was just staring at my own work and feeling very proud. No, the banner at the top isn't too great on this one (I didn't have much to work with), but the rest of it? Lovely. I'm not exaggerating. There's a cool 'depth' to the various images (photos and decorative elements) that pleases me no end.

Well, I need to get back to it. I'm spamming my journal a bit because I can, I guess. I'd love to actually go and read what others are sharing, but I know I'll never get to that right now. Hopefully soon, though! This festival is close to over. Then I'll have other 'after' work to do, but things should finally start to slow down at some point.

Summer, here I come!

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