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Another Day, Another Newsletter... and Another Parade!

Yes, even though I just finished a Newsletter on Monday, June 2, I spent the morning working on yet another one, due to go out tomorrow (Thursday, June 5).

While I could call this spamming, it is our main week of the festival, so I'd assume that those who are signed up for our eNewsletter would expect to get a lot from us right now...

Thankfully we've only had a handful (seriously) of unsubs recently -- even though we've been sending out Newsletters on a weekly basis for seven straight weeks! I'm getting one hell of a lot of experience doing them, which is basically just coding webpages that are emailed, so it's all good...

Web Graphics is one of the best things I ever learned, bar none. I work a ton on enhancing photos for both these Newsletters and the website, for example. And I'm creating decorative elements constantly, along with more major graphics, like banners/headers.

I started this at around 2 p.m. (sigh) But it's now almost 4 p.m.!!!

The above 'red' area (with white writing) is done as a divide. LiveJournal handles divides weird, compared to most coding. You have to eliminate the line before and after, because it adds them. Okay, yes, that's standard for divides, I admit. I could code it out, by why bother? It's easiest to just run things together. (smile)

As I was pointing out, I got so busy there that I couldn't finish this entry. Which shouldn't surprise me, considering I'm right in the middle of the festival, after all!

Shari phoned (as I'd requested) to let me know she got her parade ticket for Saturday. We didn't chat (I'm too busy for that), but she mentioned she had a lot to share right now.

Hopefully I'll hear from Martha today, too, about her tickets.

Well, I need to get back to work. No rest for the wicked, after all! (heh)

Today was JP day -- and sister Sue was appearing as a clown in the parade. I just phoned her and it sounded like she was worn out. Not necessarily from the walking part, but more from the performing part.

Personally, I feel the clowns should be pacing themselves, but it sounds as if the boss clown was driving them pretty hard. That's fine for him, he's a professional -- and being paid to appear. But the rest of the clowns are all volunteers, and need to take it a bit easier. This was their first parade, after all!

My neighbors June and Jim drove in the parade -- June had the parade Grand Marshal in her car. I hope it went well for them!

Well, back to work!
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