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We've Survived (So Far)

Well, we survived the 'party' last night. (Seriously, that was WORK -- don't get the idea that because it was a party we got to relax and have fun. Far from it.)

They were pouring pretty stiff drinks -- so I'm glad I only had one! We'd had something to drink before going to get in the right 'mood,' so those two drinks really did me in. By the time we got home I was yawning and my eyes were watering. It was good to have a bite to eat, I can tell you that!

I slept like a log. At one point I got up to pee and looked in on Marilyn mistressmarilyn, who was equally dead to the world...

I should mention that the awesome Sue (parade chairman -- not sister Sue, who is still down sick) brought in lunch for the entire Staff yesterday! This is someone who really 'gets it' about special events. There was tons of food (more than enough for everyone there), it was a hot meal -- with a lovely salad -- and there were cookies for dessert! Perfect. So we actually did eat in the middle of the day yesterday (which we often don't do).

Anyway, we've got parade number one this evening (tonight) -- and yet another party after that. I plan to go easy on the drinking, believe me! I can't afford to be hungover tomorrow.

We've got so much WORK to get done this weekend it's not even real. A group of the girls plan to go see the "Sex And The City" movie tomorrow (Sunday), but we really don't have time for that. Seriously! We've got hours to do on the parade script. Plus I have another Newsletter to try and finish, which takes hours. And that's only two of the things on our separate 'To Do' lists. (Yeah, yeah -- I'm sure Marilyn's list is far bigger than mine!)

But, hell, I can't really complain. We're close to the end of the festival for this year.

Yeah, I'll have a bunch of website stuff that will need doing. And some 'after festival' Newsletters to go out. But it's all good!

I've come to believe that sleep is highly under-rated -- and I can't wait to get more of it. (smile)

So... let's see if we can survive the second 'party night' in a row...

Then on to the rest of the festival!
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