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Nope. Turns Out The 'No Gas' Day Is Bunk.

With thanks to new friend Eldárwen lady_eldarwen, I have to share THIS.

Oh well. Not a surprise, frankly.

I guess people are pretty frustrated, though, if they're spreading those emails around!

It actually turned up at both psp7_beginners and psp8_fun, too--where I had to promptly delete the posts (hopefully before Kevin kevinr saw them!)...

It made the rounds more than once at the Rose Festival. ROFL. (I just sent the link there, as a matter of fact...)

I'm sitting here sweating. It's so damned muggy today! And sipping Diet Cherry Coke, which I love. (Can't drink it when I'm in office later on, as Coke is not a sponsor, and Pepsi is! And an important one, too! LOL.)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is still at work. But it's only just past 6 p.m., so that's no surprise. (Even if she did leave the house around 7:00 this morning...)

I still haven't watered. I'm crazy. I need to just go do it!

And fix the sprinkler settings for the part of the lawn I don't have to water by hand!

Thankfully Hector (our yard man) is coming to cut the grass tomorrow! It's completely out of control! But growing in spots where we've never had grass in the ten years we've lived here! Woo hoo!

Yes, isn't it cool to have a lawn man named Hector in light of my adoration of the epic movie "Troy"? (Yes, historical flaws and all!)

Well, I'm going to water. I really am this time!

I think I need to do some mini-tutorials for the Paint Shop Pro communities. Just covering variations on existing tutorials and small setting info and so on...




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