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I Have a Life Aside from Coding...

Last weekend the garage door opener failed to work. So Monday I had to get our wonderful neighbor Jim to come over and look at it. He moved the car and got down the ladder and we discovered it was just the fuse (or whatever that is) located in the switch -- something I could have done with no help at all. (sigh) Next time I'll know better, anyway.

Yes. It's been cold here. My right heel and hands (and even my hip) have been killing me. But today the weather was warmer -- and we're now expecting some really HOT weather. Can it just hang around for the festival, please? Thanks, God. (grin)

I  get my hair cut tomorrow, thank heaven. Dorine is working me in 'just this once' (it's not like the old days with Debbie where I could almost always get in the same day). My hair feels too long on top and just too heavy, and is driving me nuts -- so I'm glad I can get it done!

Kent is coming in tomorrow to the office. Oh, joy.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I were asked to judge a rose contest the day after the parade. It's a big, big honor and came as a total surprise...

The cats are good. They still run to see people who come to visit, which delights the hell out of me. I've never had cats that love everyone so much the way these two do!

My latest manicure is with 'pearl' tips, rather than white. I should take a photo, as they look fabulous. I had them done the weekend before last, and they still look perfect. (May 4, that is.)

We got a cord to use for our iPod-ready festival car at Radio Shack. It was after closing (an hour after!), but I knocked and the guys let me in and were nice as can be! I guess the whole 'but we need to play our iPods!' begging impressed them. (heh)

I  want a 4 gig Lexar jump drive in the worst possible way! I'm maxing out the [cough]four[cough] drives I have, which are each 1 gig... Now the 4 gig is cheaper than the 1 gig used to be! I'm getting one for sure! Seriously. (Not sure when, but I am!!!)

No bad news with my teeth (knock on wood). I'm hoping they'll be fine indefinately -- but especially through the festival...

Marilyn got flowers for Mother's Day. It was from her imaginary children, Natasha and Willie Joe. (smile)

Next time around, I think I'll catch up on what I've been watching on TV, including the movies I've seen...

Oh. And I'll probably avoid the wacky capital letters for each paragraph. But it was fun this time -- wasn't it? (grin)

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