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HTML 5 (versus XHTML 2 ???)

So, yeah, I do read things like this. So don't even bother asking. I subscribe to a ton of these kinds of newsletters and visit a ton of these kinds of websites. I'm a geek, I've never denied it for a second. I just wish I was more of a geek, so I knew a ton more about HTML and CSS (etc.). Seriously.

Russ: Ok, let's get straight to the point - what is HTML5?

Lachlan: HTML 5 is the next generation of HTML currently being developed by the WHATWG. It's an effort to document and standardise many of the features of HTML and the DOM that authors use all the time, but which were poorly defined in HTML4 or previously undocumented. It's also introducing many new features designed to meet the needs of authors today.

Russ: So what about HTML 5 vs. XHTML 2 - is there room for both of them?

Lachlan: XHTML2 has been in secret development since around 2001–2002 and was the W3C's plan for the future of HTML. However, there are a number of serious flaws with the approach taken and the quality of the spec. It was not initially designed with backwards compatibility in mind and introduces a number of new features that are either impossible or extremely difficult to implement in mainstream browsers. Many of us also feel that the spec is ambiguous and fails to define many things, which will make achieving interoperability virtually impossible.

You can read the rest of it HERE, at the Web Standards Group dot Org website...

Yeah, yeah. I'm now coding so much with CSS -- even for blogging. I love to use the (delightful) 'float' code for image and text alignment, for example. The section above is created with a simple (very simple) divide (the old-fashioned method being to use tables for such code). I just love the way it makes my blog (and our work blog) look to use this coding. (Which is why I have to do all the blog coding for work, because nobody else really gets CSS at all.)

Have I said recently how much I CSS? Or how easy it is to use? (It is!!! Honest!)

I should try doing some CSS tutorials at some point, shouldn't I? Fun, fun!
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