CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Feeding the Hungry

I really admire the National Association of Letter Carriers for the annual campaign to help feed the hungry of this country. (By the way, they've had an entry in the SL parade for as long as I can remember. I used to always make a point of seeing them on parade day and talking to them.)

Stamp Out Hunger Food DriveMarilyn mistressmarilyn and I always participate in their annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive, that just took place yesterday (Saturday, May 10).

Years ago, we had on carrier complain about the size of our bag being too large -- but that was only one time. Generally the carriers are delighted with large contributions.
Yes, our bag is always a big, heavy one. Sometimes we even put out two bags. And we don't fill these with cans of stuff we don't plan to eat, either. We put in the same, good food we like to eat. (Why palm off stuff you'd just as soon dump? That's not being generous...)

I know this effort on our part is only a tiny drop in the bucket. But just think what it would mean if everyone would take part -- it could make quite a difference!

Actually, this food drive does make a difference -- the amount of food gathered is significant. But it just strikes me how much more it could be if people weren't indifferent to something so simple to do. Take out the bag left for you and head directly into your kitchen (and/or pantry). Fill it up with food. Put the bag near the front door when it's full. On Friday night, stick it out on the porch (so you don't forget). That's all it takes.

This reminds me of how my parents used to go to the store and while shopping fill up an extra shopping bag with food -- then donate it in those Sunshine Division food barrels that would be near the door. They couldn't always afford to do it, and yet they still did. (Bless you both for every generous thing you did. I appreciated it growing up and continue to appreciate it now that you're gone...)

I realize that we'll probably never entirely eliminate hunger in this world. But we certainly can't if we don't even try!

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