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Lemons Can Be Lemonade -- And Then Some!

I had a bad (B.A.D.) day today.

Okay, we all have them. No big deal. I'm sure you know what I mean.

But we had our Spring Board Meeting tonight -- and I was far from in the mood to attend, frankly.

But here's the good part: We went for drinks before it started, which was quite good. (A Margarita and shot of tequila on an empty stomach? Yeah, I was feeling no pain when we went in for the business part of the meeting!)

Plus I had something really GREAT happen to me, too. One of the board members came up to me and started praising the Newsletter I'd sent out today. I let him say his bit and then quietly thanked him, telling him that it was nice to hear, considering all the complaints I'd been hearing about my newsletters recently. He said, "That's bullshit. I'm in the business, and that's the best email newsletter I've ever seen." His wife added, "He knows what he's talking about, too."

Later on Marilyn mistressmarilyn thanked him for what he'd said to me. He told her, "I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it."

Considering I've been dealing with a lot of crap about these newsletters (or as we usually call them at work, Email Blasts) for the past two weeks, I can't even say how wonderful this made me feel!

Actually, he was the first one of many who complimented me on the Newsletter tonight -- but his words really stand out for me. I'm already confident about what I'm doing and proud of my work product, which I feel has continued to improve as time passes. But it was quite meaningful to hear what he had to say to me.

Happily, Marilyn was also praised several times during tonight's presentation -- which she certainly deserves! Hearing her praised makes me feel very good, because I know how much she deserves it!

Bud Light Lime

There was lots to drink and good food (well, appetizers -- but tons of them). I had wine and vodka (we had vodka tasting as part of the fun). And later I had Bud Light Lime (several bottles).

Miller Chill beer

Marilyn and I have been pretty hung up on Chill, by Miller.

And we've been Bud Light fans forever. So putting Bud Light together with our lime beer hangup? A match made in heaven! (Or something...)

The crab cakes were 'delish' (as we like to say). And, yes, it is a word! Well, the Urban Dictionary has a definition for it, so get over it! (Marilyn and I use the word all the time...)

So, on that note, I either need a nap or just to get to bed, period. It's been one long, long day...

I did get my garbage and recycling done before we headed out today, thankfully! So I don't have to dash around doing that now, for which I'm quite glad!

I also did some cool things at the festival website today -- and managed to get out one of the two blog entries I needed to finish. I love blogging for the festival website, but it's still work, even so. I'm quite 'fancy' with the way I put up the images and links there -- not like my own blog. But I might get a bit more fancy here, too. I've learned such a lot about CSS that I can't help using it all the time. It really does rock, by the way! I can't mess with it enough to suit me.

I hope to blog more often somehow -- work or no work. It just isn't a priority compared to eating and sleeping. (heh) But one of these days I'll be back more often -- you can count on it!

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