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Hail on April 19 in Portland, Oregon? Surely I Jest!

You'll remember that I mentioned I had tons of photos to share -- well this is a pretty good batch, I think!

Hail on front porchWe've had such freaky weather this year. As I've mentioned before, we're not used to it being this damn cold here in Portland during March and (especially) April. I was so appalled by the hail that fell after mid-April that I had to snap pictures to share!

What you're seeing here is me standing just inside the doorway and shooting down at the hail lying on the front porch on April 19. No, it isn't normal to be getting a bunch of cold weather -- and hail -- that late in April here in Portland.

You can see more photos from that day by looking below!

I tried to shoot the hail as it was falling in the back yard through our livingroom window. The window was fogging up and the huge hail looked like comets as it streaked down.

Hail falling as seen through livingroom window

Here we're looking out the front door. You can see hail on the walkway and in the grass and flower bed (yet to be planted for obvious reasons).
Hail on walkway and front grass

Here we're seeing the hail not long after the storm ended. It's all over the back yard -- and so thick it looks like snow!
Hail in the back yard

This is the tarp we having covering our deck during the winter. As you can see, it's covered with hail!
Hail on tarp on deck

Hail in the grass. It's already starting to melt, but don't let that fool you! It was blazingly cold that day!
Hail on grass

Here's the hail lying among the pots under our lilac bush.
Hail among the pots under the lilac bush
Do take note that happily our Hosta is coming up in several of our pots!

Can you believe we had to run our furnace all during the month of April?

Hey, it's hard enough to have all this cold weather when oil prices aren't so high. The last time we bought oil it cost $370 for two hundred gallons. (sigh)

Anyway, we're having some nice weather right now -- even though both Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have been too miserable to enjoy it. If we're up to it, we'd like to plant a few flowers this weekend, even so (time allowing).

It's great to see blue skies and sunshine -- like we did today. I hope it continues. Nice weather goes a long way toward making people healthier, I think...

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