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Sleep: It Might Be Highly Under-rated

You might know my mantra from 2007 (Centennial) year -- 'We'll sleep when we die.'

Marilyn mistressmarilyn would actually go for days on end with only two or three hours sleep. It was crazy, but it worked for us.

And we thought when the festival ended that things would change...

Well, things did change. We lost Staff people and people changed their responsibilities at work. And I went from being a multi-decade volunteer at the festival to being an actual Staff member (still volunteer, mind you).

Frankly, it's been hard.

Many people have been working those same long, long hours. Marilyn and I set a goal not to be in the office until the wee hours -- and we've managed that, for the most part (I'm proud to say). Still, we frequently work many hours here at work -- thank God for Remote Access! (A number of us use Remote Access to our computers for several hours every day.)

I was just talking about the whole sleep thing again yesterday at the office with Christina and Kelly. Our pattern is an odd one, I know. We get home from the office, eat dinner, take a nap, wake up and enjoy the late-night hours (and often late-night TV). Then we sleep again for a bit before getting up to start an early day -- and do it all over again.

I used to be an eight and nine-hour a night sleeper, back in the day. And I could always take a nap, on top of that, too. I was a serious sleeper!

But as I said yesterday to the girls, there's just not enough time. Marilyn has said that to me so frequently, by the way. "If only there were two more hours in a day."

Last night?

I went to have my 'nap' with the cats. I generally lie on top of the bed in my comfy clothes (still dressed, in other words) -- and pull the comforter over me. Both cats will usually settle down somewhere in the room with me. (Which sometimes includes sharing the bed.)

Marilyn is a sofa napper -- and likes to sleep in front of the TV.

I remember waking up several times. And even getting up to pee. I talked to Marilyn at one point, early on this morning. The boys were going nuts, trying to wake me to feed them!

But the dreams were SO DAMN GOOD that I kept forcing myself to go back to sleep and dream them again!

I didn't get up until after noon today -- and I went to bed before midnight. That's an unheard of 12 hours of sleep (almost continuous).

Glorious, good dreams, comfy sleep. Yummy! I really loved every second of it.

(Note that Marilyn didn't sleep nearly as long as me, by the way. But she rarely does!)

Okay, I have a backache from lying down that long, but it's totally worth it. (smile)

And speaking of yummy, we had beans for dinner last night, that Marilyn fixed 'just right.' They were delicious! Because of the inherent problems with ingesting good old tooting beans, we rarely eat them on anything but a Friday or Saturday night -- and then only when we don't have plans the next morning. For the record, I didn't have a second of gas with these, which is just so fine...

On another high point, yesterday was a 'skinny day' for me -- which simply means a day when I'm feeling skinnier than normal. (I went to work liking how I looked: tanned, good hair, attractive clothes, cute shoes, good makeup -- and more trim and fit that usual.)

It helps that I'm actually losing weight right now, but for us you can have a 'skinny day' at any weight, and whether you happen to be dieting and exercising or not. (A 'skinny day' is more a state of mind than a state of the physical, if you follow me...)

Life is good. But you knew I'd say that, I'm sure. Even when there are bumps in the road, I think life is damn good...

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