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Birthday Weekend Has Begun!

We just got back from seeing "In Bruges" (I've linked the "Rolling Stone" review, by the way) -- Colin Farrell's most recent movie. We went over to Vancouver, Washington (just across the river from us) to see it. There were only four of us in the theater...

It was a wonderful movie. Violent and funny and human. The acting was amazing. I loved the way it was filmed, with everyone looking like they weren't even in makeup -- very real. What a great cast and fascinating script.

Tonight was the start of celebrating Marilyn's mistressmarilyn birthday. No, we didn't quite get away at 6:00 p.m. as we'd originally planned, but we did get home around 8:00 p.m.

I started out the day working from home on the festival website. Then sister Sue and I went to Costco -- a very quick trip (where I spent just under $100). We hadn't been in months and months, so we both had some 'must haves' on our lists.

I was annoyed that she didn't get to the house until almost noon, considering she knew I was meeting Tom here at 1:00 p.m.! She'd told me she had a 9:00 a.m. hair appointment, but apparently she was being 'worked it.' (She phoned me several times, and I was totally freaked out that we'd never be back in time for my meeting with Tom!

But we were at the house at around 1:15 -- even with a quick stop at McDonalds on the way home. So it was 'rush, rush, rush' -- but we made it.

Tom parked in the driveway and actually CAME IN the house (!!!), which was a total delight for me! It was GREAT to see him and hug him and hang on him. I loved it. He a big hunk of a guy. Tall and ruggedly handsome and strong (big muscular arms). We chatted and he opened the things I had for him and then we grabbed my bags and he drove me to work. Wasn't that sweet of him?

Of course, I didn't mention that he came by to bring his bday gift for Marilyn. He got her an iPod iTouch -- the 32 gig model! It's incredible.

As I mentioned in my last entry, I ended up going into work on Friday.

Well, I worked Saturday and Sunday, too -- setting up computers for the new employees. I had to get a couple towers to mess with Memory cards, which is something I don't do. (I'm not a hardware person at all.) I lifted a bunch of heavy computer equipment on Saturday and ended up hurting my foot.

I went to the doctor on Tuesday -- and he was sure I'd broken a bone in my left foot. But x-rays proved it to be a sprain. (sigh)

On Wednesday, I went to work to meet with one of the new interns -- and spend more time getting the new assistant receptionist set up with a computer. It's not a very good one, but better than nothing, I guess...

I'd postponed my haircut (which was supposed to be Wednesday morning. Then Marilyn took me to my dental appointment. I was supposed to be getting my root canal (canals). But Mary (my dentist) couldn't tell which tooth was the problem. The thing is that root canals kill the tooth -- and she hates to do them unless she has to. I might only need one root canal -- but she didn't know which of the two teeth to do! That antibiotic was so powerful that it cleared it all up for now. And I'm not in pain (from my teeth, anyway), so...

Anyway, I was glad to wait on the root canal for now, so we could fully enjoy the 4-day weekend!

Jenny (from work) and her husband Troy have offered us a place to stay in Rockaway, Oregon -- not far from both Seaside and Cannon Beach, where we like to hang out. We're thinking about staying there for one night (they've offered it for three, if we want). What a lovely birthday surprise! Isn't that nice of them? (We don't feel comfortable staying more than one night, because of the cats. There's really no one to care for them while we're away...)

Marilyn has already received a lot of nice presents from various friends, plus several cards. And I know Tom is also sending her flowers to the office -- plus they'll be celebrating her bday at Staff meeting next Tuesday.

I did more work on the website at the office, plus some IT things (as usual). Then I helped Jessica with the PowerPoint she's working on for Tuesday night. I'm disgusted to find out that I can't use PP on my work computer! It's messed up in the same way my damn Outlook is -- clearly brought on by whatever happened to it at the Auction last autumn. (sigh) I don't usually do PowerPoints at the office, so I had no clue. How annoying!

At some point I need to swap out a bunch of the computers, but I'll worry about that after the festival...

Well, time to play some games and head to bed!

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