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Nobody is Indispensable -- Except for ME, Apparently

Actually, as Marilyn mistressmarilyn says, we're all pretty indispensable these days around the office... (smile) But I was pretty surprised that this came up today, even so!

I should have guessed there was no way I could avoid going in to the office between now and next Wednesday morning. I was only planning to go in Wednesday morning with the understanding I'd be there for an hour, tops -- considering that's the day I get my root canal (canals?) done.

But I've been working on an IT-related 'emergency' this morning (since 8:00 a.m.) and now need to go in and help people work on it in person.

You see, the festival Staff has a very BAD habit of never cleaning out their Outlook email, which finally causes it to go down -- as it did first thing today. (sigh)

I spent 90 minutes with Kent on the phone (at least there wasn't the cost of his transportation to Portland involved) working on it. And then hours more dealing with it personally.

Well, there's nobody else who can do this. I don't have an IT intern, though I admit it's something I wanted really bad.

So apparently I am indispensible -- at least for now! But is that in a good way? (smile)

For anyone who uses Outlook but doesn't know it, there's an easy way to LOCATE really large emails, thankfully! That's one of the things I'm going to show people when I get in there. It's a nifty feature that I've done a small 'How to' explanation for in Word.

By the way, I'm constantly doing such tutorials now for the office. I should end up with quite the Manual when I'm finished! I've done this for how to add a computer to the network (very complicated and detailed stuff, that), how to use our telephone network (which is antiquated, I'm afraid), several things on using Outlook 2003 (which is what we use currently) and some other odd computer and IT-related functions...

Well, I'm off to the office shortly, so need to dash and take a shower! More soon, I hope.

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