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Let it Snow?

Yes. It's true. Scary, I admit! But still true.

It's SNOWING in Portland, Oregon on March 28!

I even have a snippet of video to prove it...

I'm sitting in my home office with the front window open, staring out at snow coming down. And it's even sticking -- at least on the grass, cars and rooftops.

People, this is Portland. We do not get snow in March -- and certainly not at the end of March!

Our local weathermen have been mentioning times in 1913 and 1911 when we had snow in early April, but that's a long, long time ago...

This isn't our first freakishly cold day recently, either. (sigh) I am so ready for spring!

I hope this isn't going to mess up any of our trees or plants. I've got Hosta coming up in several pots. And the pink dogwood tree and tulip tree at full of buds about to bloom...

No, I thankfully won't be shoveling snow, so I realize I shouldn't complain. But understand me, I didn't pick a home in some part of the country where it's normal to have snow in March -- get it? So if YOU did, more power to you -- and I'll send this crazy snow your way?

Got that? Cool!


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