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Teeth. Ouch.

Yes, I'm in pain. Intense pain. Not from the teeth that need the root canals at this point, but apparently from grinding my teeth in my sleep. The pain is on the right side of my mouth, in the back (grinding area, as it were). I had dental pain issues last October (as some of you may recall) from grinding my teeth. That was on the left side of my mouth. It's odd to find it reversed now...

But not really. The 'bad' teeth this time happen to be one of the front ones and the one next to it -- both on the left side. So I assume I've been compensating quite a bit. I've had to chew food on the right side of my mouth, which seems strange to me. So tonight at dinner I bite down on something relatively soft -- and send a shooting pain through my mouth. I thought I'd scream it hurt so bad.

Hours later -- and lots of pain meds later -- and it's only slightly better. I'm dopey from the major pain medicine, which makes me sleepy as hell. But I can't begin to sleep because of the pain. I swear this is worse than on Tuesday and Wednesday, if that's possible. I've added additional pain pills on top of that, plus a shot of booze, for good measure. I've smeared my mouth with a couple of different topical meds, too. This really, really hurts.

The weird thing? All that seems to help is holding a mouthful of cold liquid in the corner of my mouth. I've been sipping at bottled water for hours now, just for that reason. (If someone had told me I'd be in this kind of pain tonight, I'd have called them a liar. Seriously.) But as Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have discussed, you can stand anything for a week or so of your life. So I'll deal. But, wow, is it a bitch! (ouch)

I did get some work done today, anyway. This really bad pain didn't come along until I ate food tonight. Most of the day I didn't eat, so there was no problem. (It makes me wish I hadn't tried to chew food, I have to tell you...) I might not be as sharp as normal, but I was able to do some website stuff for work with no problem. In fact, I coded quite a few pages today, including some news pages. And I did some graphics work, too. So that's not bad -- right? Right.

Tom scored today with Easter gifts for both of us, bless his heart! It's kind of a funny story. He left two baskets wrapped in plastic in our back yard, inside our six-foot cedar fence. On Saturday. But we didn't find out about it until TODAY. So they were out there in the wet grass for two nights and a full day (plus). When Marilyn phoned to tell me to look, I'd already seen them -- but assumed they were something negative! Like garbage tossed over the fence, or 'loot' from a local robbery. I didn't feel that great this morning when I saw them outside, so I didn't bother to go out until she called... These are darling baskets -- special to us in a year where we didn't buy any for Easter ourselves. So happily the Easter Bunny didn't neglect us -- thanks to his helper, Sir Thomas, the white knight. And I dried things out just fine, thanks. (smile)

In work-related news, Kent is supposed to come to the office on Wednesday. But I think I'll postpone him at least another week. I don't think I can face trying to go in feeling the way I do. Working from home is one thing, but being in the office is quite another.

I really need to phone my dentist tomorrow and get MORE PAIN MEDS. I'm now out of the 'good' stuff. (Not that it's been all that great, frankly.) If I'd noticed I was out, I would have called today. Oh well!

I also need to get some more work done. If I'm able to sit at the computer and concentrate -- which I'm sure I'll be able to do, at least part of the time. Interesting how little time I find to blog right now. I always seem to have things I want to share that I never quite get around to... But it's all good. Life is just busy. And that's a good thing!

Belated Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate!

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