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Dental Hell (sigh)

My life has been 'dental hell' since early on Tuesday. (sigh)

I started having tooth-related pain on Tuesday, so though I'd stayed home to work, I was pretty out of it after 3 p.m. I phoned my dentist at that time and couldn't get an appointment until 2:45 the following day (Wednesday) -- which upset me a bit. (I've been at the dentist in the past when they've taken an emergency patient in front of me. And I've always been fine with that, figuring someday it might be me. Right.)

I've never in my life been in the kind of pain I was in both on Tuesday and Wednesday (yesterday). Seriously.

Sister Sue was tied up with a lunch with friends, so she wasn't available as a ride there. Marilyn mistressmarilyn had literally tons of important meetings, so I knew she wasn't able to take me. I strongly considered riding my bike or taking the bus, but it's been pretty cold out. Both Tom and June offered, bless their hearts. But the dentist's office phoned me to come early, at 10:30. June is rarely up before noon and Tom works nights and sleep at that time of day, too.

Happily, June's husband Jim was available to drag me there and to get my pills afterward. He's just one of the best neighbors ever, seriously.

I've been taking numerous pain pills, but nothing was working that well either Tuesday or yesterday -- even though Dr. Mary (my dentist) gave me Acetaminophen with Codeine! I was still taking additional pills to get on top of the pain. (On Tuesday Marilyn had given me her dental meds to take, but they didn't help that much. I was just in such awful pain.)

I usually have a really high pain thresh-hold, so this has been shocking to me. I swear this has been the worst pain of my entire life, including surgery.

It looks like I'm going to need TWO root canals -- one of my front teeth and the tooth next to it. My face is swollen and misshapen, so I look lopsided. It's not as bad as years back when I had a tooth go bad on parade night and had to go in on a Sunday to get it taken care of. The entire side of my face blew up that time -- it was ghastly. Still, this isn't pretty!

My appointment to have the root canals isn't until Wednesday, April 2, so I guess I'm going to look pretty weird until then. (sigh) Maybe icing it will bring down the swelling, but that hasn't happened so far.

The really strange aspect is that Marilyn had all her issues with getting a root canal in a front tooth last year!

I can barely sit up to the computer right now -- which is always a sign of just how bad I'm feeling. (heh) I finally had a bowl of homemade soup a little bit a go. I haven't felt at all hungry, but I really need to take food with these damn pain pills. Otherwise they make me sick to my stomach (which normally never happens to me).

Mostly I've been sleeping like mad. The pills make me drowsy as hell -- and as Marilyn just pointed out on the phone, I've got infection in my body, so I'm sick, too.

I can't face being in bed, so I've been sleeping on the sofa in the living room -- which is not my pattern at all! I've actually been sleeping with the TV on, which is also something I never do. All of these things are just signs that I'm not myself.

In spite of that, I managed to do some IT-related work yesterday. And I did website work yesterday AND today -- though very little! I haven't answered most of my work-related emails, though. I figure they can pretty much live without me for a few days. (But I am working on a graphic for the next Email Blast, which looks kind of cool so far. Maybe when I'm more awake I'll do some more work on it.)

Sweet Tom brought another box of chips yesterday! The people at work will be pleased.

Marilyn has been playing with her iPod from Tom and is madly in love with it. I don't blame her -- I had no idea how GREAT the sound would be. I'm thinking I want one -- and Tom mentioned getting me one. I told him 'no' -- but Marilyn said, 'why?' Maybe I'll reconsider. He's very generous and I'd love to have one.

And considering the cost of TWO root canals, I don't think an iPod is high on our list of expenses right now!

Well, when it comes to money, it seems like there's always something...

The pain is, thankfully, better today. But I'm ready to go and lie down again. I can barely keep my eyes open!

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