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Busy, Busy Weekend - Rose Plantings, Shamrock Run and Parties

We survived the three Rose Plantings! I only got rained on twice. (Actually, the second time it also hailed!) Yes, I was soaked both times, as I was in the uniform with no coat or umbrella. Marilyn has a coat (jacket?) with a hood, so she faired much better than I did. At the final planting as I walked in the house I was telling people I probably needed to shake off like a wet dog. (One person made a point of mentioning that it was okay if I did, but that I didn't look like a dog... cute!)

Oooooooooo. I got many compliments on my new pedicure, new shoes and rose necklace (Jade, from Mom). People were all hugging me and coming to talk to me. They always seem so glad to see me -- it feels really good.

Before I go into any more details, I must mention He-Who-Rocks and the latest fabulous gifts he sent us! Referring to Tom (yes, again) -- who sent us each a package containing two (count 'em, two!) jump drives inside. I've already loaded a ton on one of mine, taking anything not directly related to the website off the Lexar jump I already had. (It was supposed to be for website-only files, but I had at least 100 non-website files -- plus a ton of photos -- loaded on it. Things I needed to carry back and forth to the office and our home office.)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn plans to use one of her jump drives to back up and carry Word files. I think when she gets used to using it all the time (the way I do) that she'll find it an invaluable tool.

Isn't Tom too much? We deserves an award for this one. (And the office is swimming in chips, too, thanks to him.) It's all good. The man rocks my world, I have to say!

So we have a short break before we go to a party -- St. Patrick's Day -- at one of the Director's house. He's 'Mr. Party' (seriously!), so there should be loads of food and booze -- and lots of people to party with.

The final Rose Planting included red and white wine and some nice h'orderves. Though I didn't end up eating, I did have two glasses of red wine! Nice touch. (I didn't eat or drink at the other two gatherings -- but I never got close to actual food at either one, so it would have been tough if I'd wanted to...

Anyway, I'm out of my uniform and in casual clothes. We're eating here at home and plan to go to the party around seven-ish (it starts at 6:00, but runs late).

We need to be smart about it, as we have the Shamrock Run bright and early on Sunday (tomorrow) morning! (No hangovers, please!)

We're making buttons now to wear at the party. Mine reads: 'The Irish fuck 'til everyone turns green' -- funny, huh?

Gotta run. Maybe I'll get a chance to write again this weekend, but it's iffy. We have the run (we're walking to advertise the new festival walk event) in the morning -- and another party later in the day. (We've literally had people begging us to go to that one, so...)

Busy, busy!

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