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The END of Basic Accounts

No, I don't support this decision in any way, shape or form.

I'm disgusted that LiveJournal has made this decision -- but I suppose I'm not surprised. We've known since the sale that there would be issues in the future. It was just a matter of time for us to find out what these issues would be.

But the end of Basic accounts is the end of an era here.

It doesn't matter that I have a Permanent account -- or that I'd have a Paid account if I didn't have a Permanent one. Being an addicted LJ user, I have several non-Paid accounts. But even if every one of my own accounts was a Paid (or Permanent) account, I'd still be upset about this. It's about every single LiveJournal user -- including all the future users.

More importantly, it's about a trend here that de-values the average user and what that user feels about LJ.

We've been told this is a business -- and tough on us if we're not willing to pay in some way to make it worth the while of the business owners. Plus accounts are now unable to become Basic accounts, because Plus accounts -- subsidized by advertising -- are another version of paying for this service. (Actually, they are probably the favored way, over Paid and Permanent accounts, which are in the minority here.)

You can read the LJ FAQ about Plus Accounts HERE.

You can read the LJ FAQ about all account types HERE.

I suppose in the future the NEW user of LiveJournal who creates an account won't realize there's any reason to feel cheated and/or taken advantage of by this decision. But for those of us who have been here five or more years -- long before these business persons who now run LJ -- it feels as wrong as anything that's ever happened here. (And, unfortunately, there's been a rather long list of bad decisions made in the past at LJ...)

I was so busy with work yesterday that I barely took note of the news item regarding this. Of course, news isn't the best place to keep track of LiveJournal news in the first place -- so I rely on a number of other communities. (The best tend to be the 'unofficial' ones, for the record.)

So, this begs the question:

What is the future of LiveJournal? Will it continue to become a place where Users prefer NOT to spend their time?

I've unhappily watched as many users -- including friends -- departed LiveJournal for other blogging communities. Yes, I hated to see them all go -- but I understood WHY they were going.

Apparently it didn't matter if you were a member of the new Advisory Board or not -- because your advice was ignored. Well, surprise, surprise! Those all excited about getting on this board for that free once-a-year trip to Istanbul might want to think about the larger picture here. (May I add that it disgusts me that people can be driven to want a position on such a board simply so they can get a free trip? Wow, I really want such a person to be representing ME as a LiveJournal user!!!)

Forgive me for not cutting this. I tend to skip that when I'm really mad about something here at LJ. Obviously, the current situation falls in that category in spades...

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