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Long Beach Trip...

Well, with LJ's ScrapBook working again (!!!), I was finally able to finish posting THIS ENTRY about our February 17 trip to Long Beach, Washington.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn, Jessica, sister Sue and I had a lovely time -- and got a lot of fun photos!

In other news, I (finally!) colored my hair on Wednesday -- but not until 7:00 p.m. (even though I was home all day long). Why wait so late that day? Because I was busy working, that's why!

We've also had our first few battles with ANTS for the season! I didn't win the first couple of battles (grin), but as I kept telling Marilyn, I will win the war! We're on top of the ants -- at least for now!

Another very busy week. And, yeah, last week was a seven-day work week for Marilyn and me. But we also had some fun, too. I'll hopefully find time to relate more about it soon!

And wonderful Tom sent us more McDonald's cards -- and has brought tons of chips for us to take to the people at the office. He's such a generous person. (Always has been, too.)

I have more photos to share -- I hope to do that soon, too.

And I'm sure I'll find time to bore everyone with another work-related post. It's been quite interesting -- and I seem to keep learning new things all the time. Life is certainly not dull!

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