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Got My Hair Cut!

Yes, I got my hair cut today -- finally!

I had an issue, as my hairdresser got fired from the shop where she worked. So I couldn't decide what to do.

But this week I noticed that there's a shop directly behind the festival office -- just across the street from the back parking lot. So I took down the number -- and while doing that met Dorine, who owns the shop, which is in her home.

Later I phoned for an appointment and went in today for the first time. She can cut hair dry, which she feels is essential for someone with curly hair like mine (so that she won't cut off too much). It turned out great!

Plus she's very reasonable -- only $20, total (including the tip). How about that?

And I loved her! She has a terrific personality.

Anyway, it was about time. I was going crazy trying to style my hair. The layers had completely grown out and I'd even hacked on my bangs a bit. (sigh)

Dorine even took me into her house to see it. What wonderful decorating she's done! She has the coolest red leather sofa (that's huge and wraps around a corner of the room). The colors were original and bright and stylish. Very impressive stuff!

By the way, I phoned and spoke with Ira in California today. He got a job helping re-touch Oscar photos where he literally worked from 4:00 - 4:00 (all night long). But he told me he saw pictures he'd help color on the AP -- so how cool is that? He also might have a potential job coming up, rather than trying to grab a job here and there. The guy is so talented, I'm not at all surprised.

He also mentioned that he'd finished a new script that he's going to email me. Plus he hopes to be filming another movie in August. He's coming to town in April, so happily we'll get to see him again then. I miss him a lot!

Well, I'm beat. It's been a busy week -- and I'm now working both Thursday and Friday, too. (Interesting how my supposed two-day week rarely ever is two days! This will make it a five-day week. And as we also plan to work one day over the weekend, I guess that makes it a six-day week. Oh well!) So I'm heading to get a much-needed nap before doing the garbage and recycling...

Today was another lovely day, weather-wise. I went out at lunch time without a jacket! Spring is in the air around here.

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