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Work: Adding a New Computer to the Network at the Office

So, I think I've finally finished up all the notes for adding a computer. It's taken a lot of work and a number of 'drafts' that I keep tweaking. (grin)

I've got it as 6 different PARTS -- and these parts are all divided into individual steps. The total steps is 115, believe it or not.

It takes somewhere between 90 minutes to two hours to add one computer to the network, if you're doing every single thing I've notated.

But this is all subject to change, as I've already got things that need to be done that aren't in any of these sets of notes -- as hard as that is for me to fathom.

I still think that when I'm done that anyone with some computer background will be able to follow my notes to do this job.

I'm proud of my notes, I have to admit. We'll see how they work out when I'm having to use them over and over -- and in the future when I have to use them after a long time away from the tasks!

Aside from mentioning all the parts and steps, it's difficult to get across how complicated and hard this is to do. I'm delighted to be learning something new (again), but I now have a headache -- and no wonder.

I started this around 6:00 p.m. -- but it's now almost 7:30. Marilyn mistressmarilyn is home from work and we've had dinner. (I made bacon cheeseburgers -- sans bread, of course. With pepperjack cheese! Very yummy.) Marilyn's lying on the sofa and I'll go and lie on the bed and read my book until I drift off.

I really didn't want to wake up this morning, I have to admit! I could have gone back to bed in a heartbeat, but didn't. Too much work to do!

So tomorrow I'll try to add a couple more new computers -- and then shift the computers around (the two that I replace, that is). I also have those brand new optical mice that I got from Donn (very cheap), so that anyone who doesn't yet have one can get one now! Seeing as I have to work on each and every computer at one point or another, I'd like everybody to have them. They make it easier for me, too! (smile)

Once again, I have to say that my notes are a masterpiece. Seriously! I'm just so proud! (My soon-to-be-an-IT-Manual-for-the-office notes, I should mention as clarification...)

On that note -- go, ME!!!

And if I can ever get (damn) ScrapBook to work, I'll upload photos to share from our trips up to Maryhill and down to Long Beach and Seaside -- I have a ton! I tried and tried today, but had no luck at all. (sigh)

(I had to be satisfied with sharing them via email with the others who shared the fun... Cool for us, but not cool when I want everyone else to see them!!!)

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