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I'm in it now!

I've talked to both the Prime Minister of the Royal Rosarians and the President of the Rose Society. (No word yet from the President of the PRFA, though!)

I've been emailing like a maniac back and forth between the PRFA office!

I discovered a 'missing' file of entries that got 'misplaced' due to getting it at the Spring Board Meeting--and basically forgetting about it afterwards! LOL. (Hell, keep in mind that we went to see Kid Rock after that!)

It's sunny and lovely (warm) today. Hurray! (Please pray or wish hard for us to have nice weather for this Rose Festival. It makes it so much easier on us! LOL.)

Down side on that. When I'm on the phone I have to turn off the air conditioner in our home office. I'm sitting here in a total, uncomfortable sweat. LOL.

I'm crazed now about my deadline, but at least the info (most of it) is rolling in!

More later (if I get time)!

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