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A quick entry...

But we went to see "Troy" yesterday and just loved it. We loved it so much, in fact, that we went to see it again today! LOL.

We haven't done that in forever. We used to do it all the time years back. We'd love a movie and see it over and over.

That was back when it was far less easy to get movies at home. Now they'll now only be out on video tape within the year, they'll also be out on DVD. And hell, they'll hit cable TV within the year, too...

Marilyn mistressmarilyn mentioned that going to the show was one of the things we used to do with our free time in the days before we had the internet and tons of cable choices and DVD. LOL.

A friend had seen it Friday night and recommended it (which she did not do for "Van Helsing"). But she'd said it had a slow start.

We both felt it moved along quite well and really didn't have any slow moments. Hard to believe it was as long as it was, actually.

Anyway, we've always loved historical movies. This one does give the impression the entire war takes around three weeks (LOL)--and takes a few liberties with Homer's work. But it says it's 'inspired by Homer,' so I guess that's okay...

We've been watching a ton of various documentary pieces recently, so we're practically Troy experts right now. ROFL. So one does tend to note the discrepancies.

Still, it's enjoyable. Very much so.

And it's wild eye candy! Sexy, hot men everywhere you look.

Well, more tomorrow. It's time for bed. (Another busy week looms.)


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