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Flu / IT (Work) / Westminster Dog Show

I'm getting better -- but still have a cough. (No surprise, as it hasn't even been a week at this point.)

I stayed home from work yesterday, actually. I did do a few things around the house -- all very slowly with a lot of resting mixed in.

And I was at home this morning. But we had an IT-related issue at work, so I came in (and am tying this at work). No, I wouldn't have come in for just ANY IT issue -- but this involved payroll, so there was no question that I wanted to be here to help out. (grin)

Sister Sue was barely able to bring me in, she's still so ill. And Marilyn mistressmarilyn was here at work both yesterday and today, but has been bad all morning. So she hopes to leave soon (it's currently just before 2 p.m.). I'm cool with that. I have a ton to do, no doubt, but I may as well try and get well first!

It did force me to get out of my sick bed and take a shower and wash my hair. I took a hot bath last night, but I needed to wash my hair big time. (smile)

Sara rocks, by the way. (Our Finance Director at work.) I was glad to come in and try to help her out...

It's pouring down rain right now. There's a skylight directly over my head (no, not glamorous at all -- seriously), and I can hear the rain pelting on it...

But we're expecting sunny weather for the next five days -- even low 60's by Sunday -- and Marilyn and I have them off. So good deal! (woo hoo)

I haven't been all that hungry while I've been sick, even though mine has been entirely cold-like. I just ate a container of yogurt, which is all I've had to eat today. Happily, though, I seem to be getting in plenty of liquids right now. At one point I couldn't even force myself to drink anything! Weird, isn't it?

I guess this strain of the flu that's been going around here in the Pacific Northwest is one of two strains that weren't covered by the flu vaccination this year. Everyone seems to have it right now -- or to have just had it. I can't remember when I've seen people get sick so fast with a virus! It's crazy. I'm just glad I didn't get it any worse than it's been, as I've heard a lot of horror stories about it.

I wonder if this strain is running nationally and internationally or not? (Always curious about that!)

Tomorrow Marilyn and I hope to go to IKEA and look for a new mattress for her bed -- something we wanted to purchase the first of last year! We're thinking mattresses at IKEA would probably be more affordable (as everything at IKEA seems to be more affordable).

The last of the rebuild computers arrived just after I got here to work today. Plus some more optical mice that I needed! (Donn and I worked a separate deal for those.) Now I've got six computers sitting in the IT Room waiting for me to set them up.

Marilyn and I plan to come in this weekend at least one day to work. It's nice to do it on a weekend, because then we can do the work without constant interruptions (which can be maddening). I'm looking forward to it, and I know Marilyn is, too.

By the way, Uno won Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show last night! He was the most appealing dog -- a real crowd pleaser! Marilyn was shouting and cheering when he won (he was her favorite).

Westminster Dog Show - Best in Show 2008, Uno
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