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Flu -- A Very Virulent Flu, Too!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn thought she was having allergy issues Tuesday night. By Wednesday night we were considering getting her to the hospital, it got so bad so damn fast.

Thursday she had her doctor's appointment, and felt well enough to go to it (with me tagging along). But by Thursday night she was miserable. She told me it was the most painful thing she's ever experienced, going through those body aches with this flu -- even more painful than surgery.

Friday I rode my bike down to get meds. And by Friday night I was starting to feel crummy, too. On Thursday I'd suggested that Rich and I go together to the Rosarian Auction (on Saturday night), but I had to call that off when I got sick. We're both bummed that we missed it, as we've been for several years in a row. (sigh)

If anyone had told me that I'd be sick again this soon after the bout in December, I'd have called them crazy. I can only be thankful I haven't been as sick as Marilyn, I suppose.

Not that I'm glad she was so sick! I was pretty scared when she talked about going to the hospital. But it was in her lungs almost immediately -- and when does that happen with the normal bug? Weird, huh?

Interestingly enough, sister Sue has been down sick with a bug, too -- and now her daughter (my niece) Candy and Candy's daughter Nicole are all sick with the flu. Candy complained about how painful the body aches were, as well...

So while I'd probably be 'missing in action' due to work, I've been too sick to sit up to the computer.

Marilyn has a follow-up doctor's appointment tomorrow, which she plans to attend. And important interviews tomorrow afternoon. I'm wondering if I'll feel well enough to go in or not. I have a ton of IT-related things to do, including adding three computers to the Server (they arrived on Friday). But sick is sick, after all.

I wish Marilyn could take another day to get better. We did drive to the store to get more meds and some groceries -- but it was exhausting! I hate the idea of her driving alone anywhere, I have to say.

It's annoying that we've been working so hard at being healthy, yet we get this virus and are so damn sick. That just doesn't seem fair!

Anyway, with luck I'll be better by Tuesday, so I can get in and get back to work (before it piles up any higher).

I hope all of you are staying healthy! Look out for this bug -- it has a big bite!

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