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Two Major Days at Work

Today was especially busy.

Kent spent most of the day with me. We ran through all the steps to add a new computer to the network in great detail -- then I actually added the new Presentation notebook on my own -- using my own notes -- while he observed.

Then this evening while Marilyn mistressmarilyn was at her Spanish class, I added another computer (Christina's) entirely on my own. (I was the only person in the office, actually.)

This is a five-stage process, and each stage is a minimum of one page full of detailed instructions. It takes around 90 minutes to two hours to do one computer, believe it or not.

I had a second computer I could have added (Jodi's), but I literally ran out of time. Hopefully I'll get it done tomorrow.

The original (sample) computer is now Jordan's -- which Kent set up. Kent also set up Christie's computer today, while I observed. That means that three of the new (rebuilds) are done, with one more in the office waiting to be added. There are six more to go! It boggles the mind...

I came home hungry and beat tonight. I cooked bacon cheeseburgers (no bread, of course). I had a small bowl of soup and part of an apple late today at work -- but thankfully had Starbucks at lunchtime! There just wasn't time to eat until around 6 p.m.

Yesterday I helped get Christie and some Interns up and running with their computers. I also did some other IT-related duties. The Comcast dude came and installed our new cable, which Kent set up today -- so now we're officially with Comcast! (woo hoo)

Today we also got the new Backup hardware installed -- and I did a set of detailed instructions on how to do the tapes.

Much of my time recently has been spent on typing up very detailed instructions on how to manage various IT tasks. I do a rough draft, then correct the hell out of it as I run through the actual process, step by step. I want this to be as clear as possible -- both for me and anyone else who might need to use it!

Sooner or later (sooner?) I'd like to add screencaps, as images would probably help the process. It's a lot more work to mess with images, but what the hell...

Speaking of images, dealing with images at the website (especially sponsor logos) is very time-consuming. I'm trying to continue to make necessary website changes, too -- but Marilyn and Jeff both agreed late today that I need to focus on the IT-side until things get caught up. (It's very hard to say 'no' when someone wants something taken care of...)

I was going to lie down and take a (very late) nap. Marilyn is asleep as I type this. But I knew my notes needed work -- and I couldn't rest until I did some tweaking. I'll see how well this worked tomorrow, when I try using them again!

I need to phone Marcia. I feel bad that I had to be quick to get off the phone with her today -- basically because she called while I was 'on the clock' with Kent (who is expensive for the festival and works by the hour). Hopefully she'll be cool with it!

I also had to reassure Donn that I wasn't unhappy with the speed of his work. Apparently Denise felt I was upset -- though Marilyn heard my phone call with Denise and was surprised she had that impression from what I said.

I don't know what might have given Denise the impression I wasn't happy with Donn -- I think the world of that man. I really do.

So tomorrow should be another busy day. Thursday my new scanning volunteer is coming in for the first time -- I'm excited about that!

Next week we're taking both Thursday and Friday off -- and I think we've both earned it!

Wow, this is a boring entry... But I imagine I'll want to remember all this sometime!

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