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Website Improvements!

Well, because it's now February and I didn't feel like waiting around anymore, I made some improvements to the festival website. To be perfectly honest, I'm really proud of how things have turned out!

These changes turned quite nicely, really. They're going to be a lot harder to maintain than they would have been if we could have embedded a blog for festival news (which was what I'd wanted to do), but it's going to work just fine, even so. (In other words, I'll live with the extra work...)

The Home page now has 'Quick News' -- which will be an item or two at the most from now on. There's a button (which matches one of the main navigation bars) that takes readers to an actual News page. The ten most recent items are displayed there, with a list on the right-hand side of the page that will take people directly to each item. (And navigation under each news item that goes back to the top of the page with one click.)

Another button (below the list of items on the right) takes readers to the News Archive page. This is a list of news items that are actual links. Clicking on one takes the reader to another page that's the archive of the given news piece -- which now has a dedicated URL. At this point we have so few news items that it's not a big deal to handle them this way. Blogging would basically do the same thing, anyway! So we'll see what we end up doing down the road.

I love the look of the new News page -- plus I'm delighted to have yanked all those news items from the Home page. I've added a photo of the official rose for 2008 -- and plan to add more images there, as well. But the Home page now has a clean, attractive look that's been missing for months.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is pleased by the changes, so that's a step in the right direction!

I also changed out our 'Sponsor of the Month' (as it's now February and time for a new one) for Mandy. Hopefully she'll be equally happy with the changes there. I did get some more sponsor logo changes done for her last week, so...

I also got the two new employment notices up for both Jeff and Sara. (So how do I rock?)


Most of my recent festival work has been focused on IT-related duties. (I was even working on my IT notes while at the Tax office earlier today.) So I think it's a pretty big thing for me to make these multi-page changes to the website. Coming up with brand new coding was a challenge, but not horrible. (I've tackled much worse, really.)

I also added News to the major left-hand side navigation, which was tricky simply because I didn't remember all the steps off the top of my head. (One of those if-you-don't-do-it-daily things, then you'll forget it. I always keep that in mind when other staff can't recall a given set of steps for doing something on the computer. None of us will remember things we don't use all the time -- nor should we be expected to! So I try hard not to be a 'Computer Nazi' and/or beat people up when they have issues...)

Sara is out of the office for the next week, as is Jessica. But it's going to be pretty busy around there next week, with all the new staff starting!

In other news, we did go to the Tax office. It was amazingly snowy in St. Johns, by the way! So nasty that we decided not to stop at Starbucks for coffee (as we didn't feel like walking in ths slush). We went to the Tax office, then drove down to the main post office (downtown) to mail some bills.

After that we went out to Mexican with sister Sue to celebrate her birthday, which was nice.

Then we had a nap and when we got up Sue was heading to Freddie's to shop -- so she offered to take us along. We picked up a few groceries and came back home. I played The Sims (I made a Jonathan Reiss and Terry Sheridan to live together in a new house I built) for a bit, while Marilyn played good old Zuma. Later she and Sue played Slingo, as well. Fun, fun!

Then when Marilyn headed downstairs to do the treadmill, I went back to the website coding I just described. I've been working on it since last night, so my mind has been very wrapped up in it. I almost got up in the middle of the night to do more work -- I was so caught up with thinking about it that I literally couldn't sleep! And it was on my mind all day, so it was hard to even take time out to play Sims... Anyway, that's how I get when I'm all wrapped up in coding! (smile)

For recreation on Thursday night, I made some wallpapers of our 2008 official rose. I'm thinking of adding the festival logo to a couple of these and then having them available for the public to download. I have one as my own wallpaper right now -- very pretty! And, yes, that's my idea of fun -- making wallpapers! Creating graphics is often relaxing for me.

Speaking of graphics, I got a copy of the Spanish Yellow Pages to add to 'my graphics portfolio' (heh). The festival entry is a full page, with my graphic at the top. Hard to believe, but that's yet another graphic I got to design for publication! (Gertrude, you must be smiling down from heaven, I'm sure...)

I was too busy to meet with June for coffee this week, as I'd hoped. And next week is slated to be even more busy, I'm afraid. But I did speak to her on the phone this week, anyway.

And I got an email today from Mitch, whom we haven't spoken to since before the new year. I need to give him a call, too.

Busy, busy, busy! (And loving every minute of it.)
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