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Henry Got Outside!!!

After a dinner of homemade squash and chicken soup (yum), I heard Henry scratching somewhere upstairs. He does it a lot, so I didn't think much of it. But he'd been trying to climb into the cabinets while I was making the soup, so I wondered if he'd managed it...

I carried the bowls upstairs from the family room and as I got to the top of the stairs I could hear him both scratching and howling like crazy.

It turned out he was outside!!!


(No, this isn't a photo from today. But I thought I'd share a more recent picture -- the icon is from when he was a little kitten...)

I opened the front door and let him in. He was soaked and so happy to be inside.

He must have managed to sneak past me when I brought in the mail, I guess. That means he was outside for at least half an hour to 45 minutes. (yikes) He has no experience being outside. He could have ended up in the street and been hit by a car! Or run off and gotten lost! Or been nabbed by someone!

All those possibles had us both pretty upset.

I grabbed a towel and rubbed him dry while he purred and purred. He's the most loving cat. I'd hate it if anything happened to him.

I'm not sure why he's had this desire to dash outside lately, but our lesson is learned. He'll now be shut away (or held) when we open the door... (sigh)

He was so overjoyed to be in that we're hoping he's learned a lesson from this. He was all over both of us tonight -- and purring like crazy. Sweet boy.

Jeff has a not-so-new heater at the office and drags it from room to room. Everyone in the building is cold all the time. (I think we have two exceptions where offices are too warm -- but considering how many spaces we're talking about, that's not many!)

Marilyn's been running her (very old) heater, even though it smells bad when she does. And I pile on clothes when sitting in my space. (brr) We've looked at heaters, but haven't bought one, yet. (Money's a bit tight and we may need to get oil again, so...) It's been a cold winter, that's for sure!

Of course the It Room is too warm, so when I'm in there I sometimes still need to run a fan! (smile)

We're loving Marilyn's little fridge that Charold gave her. I wish it was bigger, though. I'm always cramming it full of my lunch things (salad stuff, for example) -- and don't leave much space for Marilyn to use! What a wonderful gift. I can't thank Charold often enough (I do so every single time I see her -- which is often). Now we just need a microwave in Marilyn's office to make it easier to heat lunch. (The line at the lunchroom microwave is huge every day -- and wait until we get all the new staff in there!)

Speaking of oil (I did, honest), I'd better stick it soon. I don't want it to go too low!

I need to share what Tom got Marilyn for Valentine's Day -- it's so damn clever. I think I was even more excited about it than she was, I was jumping up and down when I brought in the box. More about it later.

Speaking of Tom, Jeff (the boss at work) is constantly saying nice things about him. He's so impressed that Tom sends boxes of chips for us to share at the office. I need to write and tell Tom...

Well, I'd better head to bed -- big day tomorrow!
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