CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Home Today -- Back to Work Tomorrow

Today is sister Sue's 65th birthday! Happy Bday, Suzy!

(We're hoping to do something with her this weekend to celebrate...)

My new 'Cozy' icon of Colin (Kitty) is a bit hard to make out. He's just so shiny black that you can barely make out his head, front paw (under his chin) and his tail (wrapped around his curled-up body). But I didn't want to only use icons of the 'baby' (Henry), and thought this was sweet of Colin...

colin kitty cozy

Marilyn mistressmarilyn wasn't feeling well today. That might have been a result, unfortunately, of the leak in her office. It started up again yesterday. The smell is pretty bad, and might easily be toxic. Considering we worked quite late -- and she spent several of those hours in her office -- I'm a bit concerned. I don't know what the answer is, though...

So though I'd been totally ready to leave, Marilyn came to me and said, "Would you hate me if we didn't go to work today?"

I said, "Of course I wouldn't hate you. Don't be silly. It's fine by me."

She had a couple of meetings, but had Jordan handle them. I had work to do, but no meetings. So I'll catch up tomorrow (hopefully). I am, after all, only supposed to work two days a week -- and I was already there Tuesday and Wednesday. (Plus I spent the entire day Monday doing festival work.) And I worked late Tuesday while Marilyn was at her Spanish class. Then we both worked late last night. (I imagine we made up for missing today, frankly...)

I'm pleased to say that I'm almost ready for the Interns (and other new staff people) to start! I'm delighted with how things went and it's much nicer and more organized around the office now. More computer work to do, but it's coming along nicely!

I hope Marilyn feels better tomorrow. We both slept quite a bit today, which was wonderful. I've been tired as hell lately, so it was sweet to get additional sleep.

It's been a bit windy, so we had a couple branches down from the tree near the garage. Last night after finishing up the garbage and recycling (in the wind and pouring rain), I put those branches underneath the tree. Happily the yard men actually took them away (without being reminded) today. I can't say how many times they've missed doing so...

Monday we get Comcast to replace Qwest at the office. We've had constant issues with our internet connection, so we're all looking forward to it! So I'll be working Monday next week, for sure. And depending on when the rebuilds get done, I might be working all week. I can't wait to get the computers in place.

Great to have an impromtu day off, anyway...
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