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Ever have one of those days... ???

Seriously, it's all good. Don't mind me...

But, hell. I think my new icon explains it all. (grin)

great job - my ass

Well, I never claimed to know my job better than anyone else. Or to be faster than anyone else, either.

There's some implication that I'm too slow -- and having nothing to compare my speed to, that's possible. What do I know?

I've now been in the new positions for five months. I've always figured that by six months in I'd be pretty damn good at this stuff. There's a lot more to learn, but I feel like I've already been learning tons... And I'm grateful to be learning!

I've always believed I code web pages fairly quickly. But, again, I've never really watched anyone else coding -- so what can I compare myself to?

Look, I'm open to suggestions from my co-workers on how to improve. Why wouldn't I be? (Of course, it's helpful if they can offer actual ideas on how I can work faster.)

On that note, I guess I'd better get to work -- and see if I can't try to improve both the quality and the SPEED of what I'm doing...

By the way, Tom shared chips again! He ROCKS.

And knowing that Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I are avoiding these types of carbs, he didn't bring any Cheetos this time around. The folks at the office will be delighted when I take in goodies tomorrow...
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