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No, I'm Not Really Working...

I did one small website update that took a couple minutes, tops. So, see? Not working. Honest! (grin)

Actually, I was working on getting my home email Inbox down from around 200 items to under 100 (always a goal for me). (For whatever reason, I have a bear of a time keeping my Inbox down.... sigh...)

As I was filing away emails, I came across a change from Christina for WVF that I'd yet to do. All it required was opening the file, then cutting and pasting the info. Save. Then FTP. All done! (And she's always good about giving me the URL to the page where she wants something, thankfully!)

One more website change crossed off the list, anyway. (smile)

And I did better than get my Inbox under 100 -- I got it down to 33 items!

That's pretty much unheard of for me! Go ME!!!

We stayed up until almost 4 a.m. again last night. I have bags under my eyes and dark circles, too. (We've been missing a lot of sleep recently -- plus I've been physically and mentally tired out.)

The Men's Final of the Australian Open (which was why we were up) did not disappoint. It was worth losing sleep over, in other words!

But we're taking it pretty easy so far today...

I wonder if we'll go for Mexican food with sister Sue? There was some talk about it yesterday.

No snow or freezing rain (thank God) here today, by the way. But they say we could get snow tomorrow. ('Snow Day,' anyone? I'm all over that!)

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