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IKEA Staff Meeting!

Tuesday was our IKEA Staff Meeting. The entire staff drove over to IKEA, where we had a bite to eat (their food is cheap and good) and then an official tour. Neither Marilyn mistressmarilyn nor I had ever been to the Portland IKEA before -- and I was a total IKEA-virgin, never having been to one at all! (Marilyn has been to the Seattle store, but says the Portland one is much nicer.)

Naturally we got to do some shopping (!!!) while we were there -- and between spent around $60. But the prices are just amazing! For example, I bought a soup ladle that we really needed -- it was under $2. Later while we were grocery shopping, I priced a ladle at $4.99 -- so you can see the savings involved. It that's way with everything they sell, including furniture!

So I had to make a new icon, IKEA Portland (you can see the Portland skyline if you're looking closely enough):
IKEA Portland

IKEA isn't that far from home (near the airport), so we'll have to get back there more often. (smile)

It was a nice break, considering it was our 'long' day. Marilyn has her Spanish class after work on Tuesday nights, so I hang out at the office and wait for her to pick me up on the way back from class. I had plenty of work left to do, so that's fine by me! Plus when I don't feel like working in the evening, I can always watch TV in her office (she has basic cable there). Or play online in my own cube. Or read a book. Or whatever...

I imagine I'll always end up doing some work, though -- considering there's always plenty of work that needs doing. But work never hurt anybody, so I don't mind that!

I was home today -- but busy!

I (finally) colored my hair today!

I didn't do a decent job of that the last time, so it needed it bad. (It's sometimes hard to reach the back part of the crown of my hair. Or I just mess up and don't get all the roots that well. Whatever.) I also need a haircut, but my hairdresser got FIRED from the shop I go to! Yes, according to what sister Sue told me, she deserved to be fired, but that's NOT the point. The point is, now I need to find a new hairdresser! I told Jeff about it and kidded with him. As a guy, he just doesn't get it -- but every woman I told did. Losing a hairdresser is tragic! And I really (really, really) need a haircut right now. (sigh) Well, at least it's colored, so it doesn't look as bad as it has...

Marilyn and I have been practicing Spanish together (it's a Conversational Spanish class), in the car and here at home. So maybe I'll pick up a little. I don't expect much, as I don't have any gift for languages. But what the hell, who knows? I could learn a little, anyway.

Our joke is that now we'll be able to talk in Spanish to the hot young Spanish tennis players! (grin)

Speaking of, we've been watching a lot of the Australian Open (as I've mentioned before). It really makes me want to play!

It's so cold here right now! (brr) Cold at the office, cold outside, cold here at home. We're trying to conserve oil, so today I didn't set the furnace higher than 67°. So Marilyn was under blankets in the family room after eating dinner: "So, what is it in here? 65'?" And I'm under a blanket next to her laughing. Yeah, funny -- but not so much, really.

I rode my bike (in the cold) down to get my hair color. But couldn't face riding out to try and find a salon for that haircut! I'd planned to try, but one ride was enough. Period. End of story.

I did go out to put out more seed for the birds, too. We have inches of ice in some of our flower pots. This is the first time since we've lived in this house (!!!) that I didn't cover the pots for winter. Now I'm afraid I'll end up losing my beloved Hosta. (sigh) I hope not! But I was B-A-D bad not to cover them. I did get the swing and yard furniture, fountain and deck covered, though...

Actually, I just put covers over the outdoor spigots on Monday night (!!!), when I heard it was going down into the 20's here. We simply don't get that kind of cold weather as a rule. I know many of you are suffering far, far worse -- but this is Portland! And we don't expect cold.

Tomorrow Denise is coming to get the other nine computers for the rebuild project. I'm excited about it! Sara (and Jeff) are rushing through a check so that we can have half down for Donn to purchase the parts he needs. He did the sample computer without receiving a dime for it (before or after) -- but that's the kind of man Donn is.

The first rebuild is running great! And it's fast. Just so damn fast.

So I'm very proud of my part in this project. I can't wait to switch out a bunch of the old computers for these rebuilds. With around a 200 gig hard drive and 1 gig of RAM, people will think they've died and gone to heaven. I'm not kidding! (I think the sample rebuild runs faster than the newer Dell that I use. No joke.) It certainly makes sense to get ten computers rather than two -- impacting far more people. And it makes for better productivity when people have decent equipment, too. (And that means everybody in the office -- including the Interns. I hate the idea that some people don't require decent equipment, simply because they're not the full-time, year-round staff members...)

I also had my first Cooler Email 'class' with Christina. She so gets everything. And I mean everything. She'll be able to do Cooler Email with no trouble at all. And she could learn to code so easily. That girl has a brilliant mind. She'll run circles around me with all of it, once she has time to learn more... I love Christina. She's got such a great attitude and is so damn much fun, too.

Dennis (the new finance guy) is friendly -- and talks to me all the time. (My cube is very near to his office.) Our new Sponsorship Manager should be starting soon. Mandy moved into what had been Betsy's office -- so the new person will take Mandy's old office now. (We got those computers swapped -- and Mandy's phone moved, too. Both are IT-related projects I'm involved with.)

I could run on and on (and on) about work -- just like I always do! (grin) But I guess that's enough for now. Anyway, I'm busy, busy, busy. But it's going really well. I'm very excited about several things I'm working on and continue to LOVE working for the festival. It's a great team -- and I feel confident we'll end up with some good people as the team grows.

Well, it's now almost 3:30 a.m. -- and time to try and get a few hours sleep before going to work! (Thankfully I had a long nap after dinner tonight!)

I wanted to post about some other things, but it's going to have to wait. This entry is long enough as it is! (smile)

Stay warm, everyone!

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