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Rose Barrels, "Troy" and Miscellany

Okay, whatever negativity was coming from me yesterday about Gabe (Gabriel), one of the two handymen we hired, I take it all back...

He and I went together to Home Depot to replace our old 'rose barrels' (that sit by the stairs of our deck in the back yard).

The barrels have been there since before we moved in (the beginning of time, perhaps?). They've been repainted (to match both the old deck and the new one) several times. But they finally just started to rot.

Hell, they're wood, after all! And besides the fact that it does rain a great deal here in Portland (duh), they get water poured into them all spring and summer long to water both the roses and the other flowers we plant in them annually! Water and exposure will eventually rot wood. (Duh.)

I'd had to wire them together to keep them from just falling apart. Big pain.

They're huge, too. Not like I could lift them! (Think 'whiskey barrels'--which is apparently what they're referred to as.)

We headed to the garden section and the big barrels.

The pine ones were crap, frankly. They wobbled when you grabbed a board and shook it. Besides, they'd have needed painting (!)--probably several coats of paint.

But they had these awesome plastic ones that were a sort of dark gray with brownish/red bands around them. (Simulated wood embossed.) Perfect! (Plastic will never rot, after all.)

We ended up hauling home four of them. Plus two huge sacks of potting soil and another gallon of the paint used for the deck. (Just in case.)

Gabe is so strong! He lifted everything so easily. Even the damned rotting barrels! (We had to come up with a rather clever 'fix' to get the one lifted and into the new barrel, considering the bottom had rotted out of it! But between the two of us we managed it.)

Anyway, both of the old barrels are now inside the new ones. They look fabulous!

Then we re-potted our greenleaf maple tree into a third barrel. (It's been in the same pot it came in for over a year--and is quite root-bound.) I suspect our little tree will be delighted with the new--far larger--home!

Marilyn and I can decide what to do with the fourth barrel. I think it would look great full of flowers, though!

Gabe finished up the painting of the flower boxes by the deck and the wood that trims the front boxes (containing bushes). Then he and I together put the swing back on the deck and he tidied up.

He's pretty anal about his painting--which I greatly appreciate! Very careful. I've rarely seen less paint splattered around after a paint job.

The newly powerwashed house looks so white and clean it's as if it just got a fresh coat of paint, too! Sweet!

The roof looks brand new. (Which it practically is, as I told both Gabe and Joe. LOL. And a 25-year-roof had better stay nice, too! They don't exactly come cheap!)

The grass under the tree is (finally) starting to come in. I'm still watering every morning. (Good Charlie.)

The new lawn will look so nice when it's finally all grown in! It's already looking pretty good in most places...

It's supposed to rain this weekend (boo), so I guess we won't get to plant any flowers quite yet. Can't wait to get them in and see how it brightens the back yard!

Summer isn't far off, after all!

Well, back to scripting!

I'm already thinking of what Gabe (and Joe) can do for us in the future...


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