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At Work Today

I'm at the office (PRFF) today. I have slews of notes from yesterday (with Kent) that I'm typing out -- getting ready to create a mini-instruction manual of 'How To' do a number of IT-related things. Not only for my use, but that can potentially be used by others. (I'm cool with sharing what I know -- always have been. I like enable others in a positive way, whenever possible...)

It's going really, really well! We covered so much yesterday that I was afraid I'd forget what he'd explained, even with my notes. He's very fast, for one thing -- so I'm literally scribbling to keep up with him. That means I don't have complete notes, so I need to review the material and be sure the notes will make sense to everyone who reads them -- not just me.

And there were so many different things going on, I kept being pulled away to another task. I think it's great to multi-task, but when the stuff you're doing is as complicated and detailed as this, you need to be able to focus.

Needless-to-say, I was dead beat when I got home last night. I crashed almost immediately and slept like crazy. But we did get up and watch a movie -- "Mogambo," made in 1953 and starring Clark Gable, Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly. A real pot-boiler. (smile) And the scenes showing the gorillas are extremely inaccurate -- but that was what everyone believed about gorillas in those days. Anyway, very entertaining!

Actually, the January National Geographic Magazine featured an article called "In the Presence of Giants," focusing on a Lowland Gorilla Family. I've read this twice (and looked over the photos several times) recently, so it was almost ironic to see the film right now. (smile)

Jodi and I went for a walk at lunch time. I had salad and a tiny bit of leftover soup (the chicken and squash soup). I added brussel sprouts (which I personally love) to my salad today.

Marilyn and I have been eating yogurt before bed as our daily 'treat' -- along with an occasional Clementine (mandarin orange) now and then...

(Yes, we're continuing to be very good about our eating, sticking with the healthy eating goal!)

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