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Snake It

So guess what?

I just used a plumber's snake for the very first time in my entire life. Yes, I'm serious! (Dad used to have me help with the plumbing quite a bit, but he never let me snake. He didn't 'trust' other people to snake properly or some such horse manure.)

Anyway, we had a MAJOR block in our Utility Room sink -- which is where the washer empties during loads of laundry. It was the slowest drain ever, barely allowing water to empty after hours.

Considering we just had the plumber out (to the tune of $90) before Christmas, to do Marilyn's bathtub and sink, so I really didn't want to have to get one out again. I can't figure out what day exactly the plumber was here -- I wasn't very good about blogging during December, I'm afraid. But the bill came on December 12...

So Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I went to the store and bought a bottle of chemicals (that I didn't really want to resort to) and the snake (as I didn't even own one).

We had to run a late-night errand to the office first. Marilyn's office started to leak from the ceiling today (the smell was horrible, according to what she told me) -- so we wanted to be sure it hadn't caused more damage since she left work. Plus we needed to take in the computer rebuild that Donn did for us (that we picked up earlier today).

As I think I've mentioned, Kent is there tomorrow, and I need to have that computer ready to be added to the network (plus a bunch of other stuff we do when we hook up a new computer).

The good news is that the leak seemed to have stopped (at least for now) -- and it didn't smell bad (as far as we could tell, anyway).

I'm now doing a load of laundry -- because I was able to snake out the block!!!

Well, I'll feel better when I see the actual load rinsing without stopping up -- but it seemed clear during my 'testing'...

I had no clue it had worked. I barely seemed to get anything OUT of there. I was actually giving up and putting the plumbing back on. I'd decided I'd have to get a plumber after all. Then I tried it and was shocked to find it was working!

Go, me! (smile)

(Yeah, yeah. I know many of you do this all the time! But it was totally new for me...)

Time to go and finish up the garbage and recycling (at least the cat boxes are done). Then finish that load of laundry. I want to wear two different tops in the wash right now -- one for the meeting at Whitehorse and one for the meeting (and dirty work) in the office.

And I guess I'll get my shower, when Marilyn finishes her shower. (She just got done working out -- go, Marilyn!) Then I don't have to worry about it in the morning...

We tried to go to Borders to get Marilyn's text book for her Spanish class, but it didn't work out. They had it, but not the version with the CD (which costs a bit extra). Marilyn wants that version so she can listen to the CD while driving in the car. Anyway, we got to Borders before it closed (just barely). The idea was to use the gift cards we got from Frank (a board member) for Christmas ($10 each). She ended up buying some Spanish flash cards with her card -- and I got an Excel book with mine! (Wasn't it nice of him to give us something? A very special man.)

Off to do more work before bed! (It's heading toward 1 a.m. now.)

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