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Capital Improvement Committee? Help!!!

Marilyn's mistressmarilyn office sprung a leak today. Not a good sign on a dry day, is it?

The ceiling right above her desk has a drip that's spreading. Apparently the smell is horrible (Marilyn compared it to horse manure). Thankfully there were people there today up on the roof checking it out, as this is the third office leak. (One is an old leak and the other was in Sara's office.) What can I say? It's an older building that needs some work -- and the Capital Improvement Committee knows this and is ready to do what needs doing.

Anyway, Marilyn got off early, because we needed to pick up the rebuild that Donn did at his shop in St. Johns at 4:30. That was a good thing, considering the smell in her office was making her ill...

They think the flat roof has leaked water into the insulation, that's now leaking into the actual upstairs rooms of the building. Marilyn said the leak is heading toward Rich's office -- meaning toward the IT Room (which is on the other side of Rich's office).

I dread to imagine what happens the next time it rains. (Which it does all the time, considering this in Portland, Oregon in the wintertime...)

Anyway, I'm glad to know the Committee -- full of wonderful, involved and caring people -- is on top of things.

Still, Marilyn and I plan to drive down there tonight and check it out. We want to make sure that none of her belongings are getting ruined...

The fact that we've been making jokes about it shows that we're not letting it get us down. What the hell, being depressed about it won't improve the situation...

We got the computer from Donn. It's in the car and ready to be delivered to the office. I can't wait to get it set up!

Big day tomorrow for me at work.

Damn. I so wish I hadn't eaten Thai food for lunch. I guess my breath is murder, according to Marilyn. I should have stuck with my first instinct and avoided it. (sigh) Marilyn mentioned how she always has to worry about such things, because she's always got meetings and will be breathing on people. It didn't even occur to me that Thai would give me killer breath! My bad. If it had been Italian or something like that, I'd have realized. Oh well. I need to avoid breathing on people during the meeting, if possible.

Sorry, Kent. You'll just have to live with it when we're meeting in close quarters. (heh)

Hey, a sense of humor always makes things easier...

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