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Lunch with Sue

As I've mentioned in recent entries, sister Sue is having trouble keeping food down -- and it's been going on for several weeks now. (She saw Dr. Young last week and the specialist this week -- and has her test tomorrow.)

We've both felt bad that we haven't seen much of each other. Since I started working for the festival, I've been pretty tied up. This will settle down over time, so I'm not worried about it. But I'm a major support for Sue and it's hard on her not to have more access to me.

We decided to go to lunch today...

When I told Marilyn mistressmarilyn about this plan via phone, she mentioned it might not be such a good idea to go out to eat. Sue's been vomiting a lot, after all.

I tried to get Sue to go to Starbucks for coffee, instead, but she wasn't having any of it. So we ended up going to Thai Ginger, a small restaurant over on Portland Boulevard (which is now Rosa Parks Way -- but I guess I'll have to get used to that). For whatever reason, Sue is having more luck keeping down spicy food. (She hasn't called since going home, so I don't know if that worked for her or not. At least she was fine when I last saw her...)

We don't go out to eat all that much. Frankly, neither of us can really afford to go out. And that's fine by me, as I'm trying to watch what I eat right now, anyway. (I had something with egg plant in a curry sauce. I like tofu, so that was my protein choice. It came in a bowl with a serving of white rice on the plate. I skipped the rice and ate the meal as if it was soup, which worked just fine...

As for trying to eat better (and lose weight), I actually weighed myself yesterday. I rarely do that, as even when we're fanatical, Marilyn and I prefer not to watch the scale too much. The good news was that my weight was down from the last time I'd weighed (by around four pounds), so I suppose I'm glad I did it. (smile) I'd expected it to be far higher than my last weigh-in, so it seemed as if it was even a greater loss. All good.

Marilyn and I are going at 4:30 today to pick up the computer Donn rebuilt for the office. That way we'll have it there when Kent comes in tomorrow. I'm really excited to get it set up and get the basic office softwares installed. After that, we'll be able to get the other computers to Donn and continue rebuilds, hopefully ending up with a minimum eight computers (though ideally ten). This will really keep me busy until all the computers are in place, but I'm very excited about it!

I also set up my eye appointment, which is long overdue. Normally I get it done in summer (July or August). In 2006, I was 'late' getting it done in September -- so you can see that I've put it off terribly. Anyway, I'll work on Friday, then Marilyn and I will leave early to go to it. I need new contacts, so I'll be glad to get it out of the way!

Now I need to set up for both cats to go to the vet. (Plus I'm late for my mammogram and need a pelvic and pap, too. It's always something...)

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