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Problems with Word and My Default Font

So, I actually wanted to type up a document in Word. No, it doesn't happen all that often. As I recently told my friend June, I don't know Word as well as I probably should. But frankly, I don't use it much! If it was a software I used all the time, then I suppose I'd force myself to learn it better. But I don't even open it once a week, so you can see how it is... (smile)

Anyway, I was feeling pretty pissed off by the fact that my personal default font (Arial, 10pt.) has been dumped. Again. (I can't tell you how many times I've tried to reset the default...)

So I go to the Microsoft website and try to find out what's up. Yes, normally I'd share the link for any website I reference, but I'm not bothering in this case. With good reason! Read on...

Naturally, I don't find the answer. (No surprise there as far as I'm concerned.)

But then I went to Google Groups and checked it there. Almost immediately I find a potential answer! (Again, no surprise. I often find the answers to computer-related issues at Google Groups.)

It turns out that there's an incompatibility between Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.0 and Word! Who would ever have guessed that was the problem???

The answer at Google Groups directs me to the Lose that Adobe Acrobat Toolbar website. There I get the advice to make sure I'm upgraded to Acrobat 7.0.9 -- and naturally I have 7.0, period...

It took me hours to do the upgrades! No, I'm not kidding. (sigh) I have nothing better to do, of course...

Adobe has it set up so you have to upgrade incrementally. You do one level, answer prompts (no, it's not automatic), then reboot the computer. The you do the next and repeat those steps (for heaven's sake). How annoying!

But the bottom line is that it worked! I opened Word and found my set default was gone (again). So I changed it and closed. When I opened it, my default was there -- finally!

Now wouldn't you think Microsoft would make some mention of this at their website? Hell, maybe they do, but it's so hard to find anything there, that I honestly have no clue. (And I'm pretty computer-saavy, so what's that telling you?)

I'm lucky to have Adobe Acrobat Professional, which was given to me by a friend. (This has happened to me several times over the years, for which I'm quite grateful. I guess it's part of the payback of offering my services to people pro bono...) Frankly, there's no way I could afford any Adobe application -- they cost a fortune!

I guess this is one less frustration I'll go through with Word in the future, anyway.

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