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I wrote up my IT and Website report in an email and sent it to Marilyn, who promised to give it on my behalf during Staff Meeting. I wanted everyone to know that Kent would be there -- and that we'd finally be getting the new backup hardware in place. Plus the fact that the rebuild of the donated computers is happening. (Donn is doing one right now, as a starter we can test.) And the big Whitehorse website meeting is Thursday morning. I'll be attending with Jeff and Marilyn.

I have careful lists for both Wednesday and Thursday. I don't think Kent (and I) can get everything done tomorrow that needs doing -- but it's good to get started, anyway. And I'm anxious to focus on the aspects of the website I can't personally do.

The thing about that is, I've found ways to do some of what I used to think I couldn't do -- like changing the SSI (Server Side Includes) navigation. It's complicated, requiring a change to both the include navigation file and the (CSS) style sheet, but I've done it. For that matter, I want them to do the calendar, which is written in XML, but it's not like I couldn't do it if I had to (because I have in the past). My main issue with the calendar file is that there isn't anyone else who can read XML, so that means there's no one to 'proof' my work if a mistake occurs. (Last time it was me alone, going over and over the code. Happily, it turned out that I hadn't made a mistake at all -- the issue was on Whitehorse's side.)

Yes, I'm still struggling to get a handle on Flash -- as I'd also love to be able to create my own Flash banner for the website. But I suspect that's something else that needs to be picked up by Whitehorse. (sigh) I'll get there sooner or later, though!

So, Marilyn forwarded Jeff's email about Staff Meeting -- along with her comment: hehe, you were right!

(Yeah, Jeff did end up introducing Ken -- the new graphics person -- during Staff Meeting.)

So basically my schedule for the week has now been blown to hell...


Well, Kent can't make it tomorrow (Wednesday), so he asked to postpone until Thursday. I spoke to Marilyn and she said he could work on setting up the new backup system while I'm over at Whitehorse.

He wants to be out of there by around 2:30 p.m., so I chopped my list in half. I'll try to tackle the most important things first, then have him back to do more. It's all good.

So now both things will happen on the same day. It figures. (heh)

I rescheduled the CoolerEmail lessons for next week. (So far both Christina and Marilyn are attending -- but Marilyn forgot to mention it in Staff Meeting, so I suppose someone else might be interested, too...)

I continue to work on website changes, hopeful I'll have things in fairly decent shape before Thursday's meeting...

I'd love to get around to doing some moderation at various LiveJournal communities. I'd like to seriously tackle some housework and home organization.

We're serious about focusing on our health this year. Eating better and exercising. I think we're off to a good start, really, so it's all good.

Yesterday was a frustrating day, work-wise. But Marilyn and I were able to joke and laugh about it, so whatever. Several people were driving me nuts at one point, but I got over it. I try to keep it in perspective.

Sister Sue saw her specialist today and will have a test this Thursday, so that's all good. She still can't keep anything down, so I hope they figure this out...
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