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My Ongoing LJ Tags Issue

I continue to delete tags here and there, because I'm still damn close to the 1,000 tag limit. (sigh)

As of now, I've got it down to 953. I know that may sound crazy to many of you (especially if you don't tag much), but considering I was right around 2,000, I'm pretty damn proud! But I'll need to keep it up, or eventually I'll be unable to add any new tags. (And, yes, I still seem to need to do that...)

I'm trying to force myself (and I do mean force) to use memories more.

I might have gotten in the habit better if there hadn't been so many issues with memories in the past. I read some older entries this morning that reminded me of just how messed up memories used to be! It was so difficult to use them that I pretty much gave up -- so the habit of using them just never stuck. Then along came tags -- which can be done at the same time as the entry, mind you -- and I never looked back. (heh) Until recently, that is!

I'm still hopeful they'll increase tags again, one of these days. But who the hell knows?

It's just like the recent change to the way LiveJournal displays code on the Profile page. When in hell did that happen? I don't think I've heard anyone else mentioning it, but considering certain code used to display fine there and now won't work at all, it's clear that something is different... (What I don't get is why they'd decide to change that... What purpose could a change serve?)

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