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Friday, Biking - Saturday, Soup - Sunday, Beach Trip

So after going to the neighbors with (belated) Christmas on Friday (January 11), I rode my bike down to Freddies to do the banking I needed to do. I didn't leave until around 4 p.m., unfortunately -- not good when it tends to get dark around 5:00 -- but I really needed to go. (Plus I wanted that exercise.)

On the way I stopped at On the Go Auto Repair (which is on Lombard, near Woolsey -- Lombard being the main drag around here). The man there was kind enough to fill my low tires with air for free, making biking a lot easier!

I did my banking at Washington Mutual, located inside Fred Meyer. Then I did some quick shopping and headed across the street to McDonald's, where I picked up a couple of orders of chicken (using my bday gift card from Tom), before biking home. Yes, I was biking in the dark -- and during rush hour traffic! And it was cold, as the temperature had dropped with the absence of sunshine. (It was a pretty mild day, though.) I was glad to make it home, believe me. (The two most difficult things were that I was bundled enough to get quite warm from the exercise -- meaning I was soaked wet with sweat. Plus stopping for lights meant my special bike glasses would steam up terribly! But I got home just fine... And eventually had a nice hot soak in the tub to warm up again.)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn had another long day on Friday -- once again without a single break. But she's been much better about taking breaks recently -- and leaving work at a reasonable hour, her new goal!

On Saturday we had a drive and went shopping. We went to Fossil, so Marilyn could get a much-needed new watch. While there, I got a new bracelet -- very cool! (We love to shop there and have many rings, earrings, sunglasses and so on from that store...)

Saturday late I made my 'experimental' soup: Chicken and Squash. There was chicken stock, loads of white meat chicken (very finely diced), a thick golden squash base, sliced carrots and added squash. All of it carefully seasoned. It turned out quite delicious!

Right now we're avoiding staches, which meant I couldn't use rice or pasta to make the leftover chicken into a casserole. So I hit on the soup as an alternative -- and it turned out far better than I'd expected.

Today we drove down to Cannon Beach to visit the Wayfarer restaurant, located right on the beach in view of Haystack Rock. Marilyn had their Caesar Salad with local bay shrimp and Dungeness crab, and I had their Dungeness Crab Cakes (replacing rice with a green salad). All this on the lunch menu (meaning our meals were the same price). Yes, a $50 lunch (smile), but we don't eat out very often -- and this was a special treat.

Here are some Beach and Drive Home photos:

Here's Marilyn standing in front of the Wayfarer restaurant in Cannon Beach:

Cannon Beach:

Here I am, down on the beach behind the Wayfarer. The sun was really bright, so you can barely make out Haystack Rock in the background (upper left-hand corner) -- and I'm pretty dark. But it's a cool photo, don't you think? See the people walking in the background? Yeah, it turned out cool!

Here's the Wayfarer restaurant from the back, as we came back up from the beach. The tide was very high when we got to Cannon Beach and the ocean waves looked large! But the tide had gone out quite a bit by the time we finished eating our lunch...

It was a foggy day, today -- so we spent quite a bit of time on the way with it socked in (though not foggy on the road) around us. On the way home I got a couple of photos of the fog lying on the ground. This is taken through the car window, in a moving car! Not bad, huh?

This is another photo (taken from inside the moving car) of fog lying on the ground...

Here's a photo of sunset (again from inside the moving car):

And another photo of sunset:

We've been back trying to stay pretty much on protein -- with healthy carbs -- all this week. No more cookies and candy, which we ate tons of during the holidays! And we've cut crackers, bread, rice and pasta, too. Good carbs include things like veggies and fruit, by the way.

The other goal, probably needless to say, is to get more exercise!

Combining better eating and exercise will make for a healthier time for both of us!

Sister Sue spent the weekend in Centralia at a cribbage tournament. She goes to see the specialist tomorrow, happily. She's been having issues again with keeping food down (she saw Dr. Young last Thursday), so it's great she's going in -- and amazing she could get an appointment so quickly! Her gastroenterologist is a woman. She noted how interesting it is that Dr. Young often recommends female specialists. (He's such an interesting and amazing guy...)

Marilyn played Civ yesterday and today -- and I played The Sims! Fun, fun.

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