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Christmas for Our Neighbors (a bit belated!)

Yes, I'm very late taking out our Christmas goodies for the neighbors this year...

Hell, I'm very late just getting them READY to take them out! (smile)

The irony is that we got everything early this year -- and I was planning not to be doing it on Christmas Eve or the day before. I wish! It's now January 11! Well, better late than never, I suppose. After all, I was pretty sick with the flu, so it's not like I slacked off on it (!!!).

Here's what we gave this year -- maybe not quite as creative as last year, but it's the thought that counts. (smile)

Neighbors - Christmas, 2007
No fancy wrapping, bow, decorations or whatever. (sigh) But at least it's done!

And the bigger version!Collapse )

I've taken out a few -- and hope to do some more today, too. The weather is mild (around 50°, believe it or not) -- and it's not raining (for a change). Perfect time to go house to house!

Part of this ritual is visiting with neighbors -- and often it's my main chance to do so all year long. So I hate to let it slide, even if I run late (like now).

Anyway, back to it!!!

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